Brittany Chatburn, ATD Founder

“The more grateful I am, the more beauty I see.” – Mary Davis

I think that gratitude begins by recognizing the tiny miracles that happen in the day to day.

This was the inspiration behind ATD when I founded the site in 2015, and it's a theme that you'll find weaved throughout these pages still. I was a new wife then—on the verge of a cross-country move with nothing but dreams ahead. Since then I've had jobs I hated and loved, experienced times of waiting and wonder, explored new places and stayed still, and most remarkably, I've become a mother. Through weathering and celebrating, that same belief remains in tact: gratitude is always at our fingertips if we're willing to reach out and grab it.

The goal of ATD is to inspire thankfulness through honest storytelling— without ignoring the messiness that is easy to forget in an often-curated world. 

I live in Los Angeles with my husband, Matty, and our son, Avery. Every moment with them is the realization of my dreams coming true—and for that? I am so very grateful.

Britt + Avery 9 months

Brittany Rose Chatburn

me by Matty, circa 2015