Yosemite Getaway

Probably the best lesson I've learned so far in marriage is when you grudgingly realize that you are wrong, be quick to admit it. No point in dragging it on.

When I was going through our photos from Yosemite, I told Matty that I was going to select my own and make my own edits. He gave me a blank stare and shrugged his shoulders. I proudly opened the folder and began toooo....select practically every photo he had lovingly edited. *Who tells a photographer that you're going to "DIY" when you have a perfect assortment just sitting there, waiting to be shared?* The truth is, I didn't realized he'd already done the work. I didn't realize that sharing my husband's perspective on a weekend meant for him actually still has a place here. I'm rather determined to do 95% of the work for All the Delights, but these were just too good not to share. And since his main genre is portraiture, these won't be showing up on his website. SO! All that to say, I was wrong. But now we all get to enjoy the benefits. 

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