Love, Marriage, Instagram


We take a lot of photos. It's my husband's passion, to document our lives together. I can't (buuut I can) wait to see how his passion will increase as a father. So many baby photos.

Matty encourages me to take photos of our daily living, rather than only the "special" moments. Though, I'd argue that our daily lives are incredibly special. How he makes our coffee and sets the table for breakfast outside. When he gets a pillow for my head while we watch movies. How he makes me laugh at night when I'm tired from the day.

I wonder how much is too much to share and I've often felt conscious of this. Before I met Matty, I was highly aware of couples posting mushy photos and sentiments. My single friends and I would waver between "they are so perfect" and "okay, enough already." I've worried that I've been too close to either side of the spectrum, really. Matty and I are not perfect. We also don't want to rub the highlights of our lives (because that's what social media is) in other people's faces. 

But I've landed on a thought recently. A couple of thoughts, really. Matty is my husband. I live my life with him and I love him very much. If I'm sharing my life, he is going to be in it. I don't share to make anyone else feel bad about their own lives. I hope for the contrary, to see what true love is possible. If you've read our story then you know I waited for him for a long time. I also share because I like to lift up my husband. I enjoy giving him public accolades because if I could, I'd shout to all the earth about his big heart and wild dreams. I get lost in them and wander through worlds of adventure, struggle, and triumph. His life and mine are forever intertwined and I'm proud to be his girl. And I might just tell you all about it on Instagram.


When Matty asked me out last Friday I thought it might be fun to try something new, so I played around and made a little video of our time exploring. It's 14 seconds of perfection. I just love this case that isn't clear.