10 Things I Love Right Now - Thanksgiving Edition


Today, of all days, is the perfect time to pinpoint those things we love. This is an exercise I try to practice more than just seasonal (though it's been a bit since I've shared), but I do enjoy the explosion (bold word choice?) of thankfulness that comes this time of year. 

I share this list mostly as a reminder of how easy it is to practice gratitude (one of my seasonal weapons of choice) every single day. And so without further rambling intro (and parenthetical thoughts), here we go!

10 Things I Love Right Now:

1. Yoga (particularly these easy to follow videos)

2. Crisp, fall air

3. Peppermint tea 

4. Illegally cuddling on the furniture with our family dog, Nala (she sheds...wups!)

5. Unexpected one-on-one hang out times with my mom

6.  Everything about NYC with my husband

7. Central Park in the fall

8. Friends with babies :)

9. Being surrounded by family that's just as weird as me

10. Selfies with Matty. All day every day.