3 NYC Musts (According to 2 Former NYC'ers)

3 NYC Musts from 2 Former New Yorkers via All the Delights

Something you may or may not know about me: I've moved to New York 3 times...and I've contemplated a 4th. No other place captures the imagination, encourages you to think outside of what's comfortable, feels so completely romantic, takes your breath away with gusts of icy wind, allows you to be trapped underground with no way out, has consistent standstill traffic, and breaks you down over and over again - just to build you back stronger.

As quickly as New York changes, some things never do.

Matty and I have found ourselves in the city for the last three Novembers and safe to say it's my favorite time of year to visit. The trees are still changing, the Christmas windows are up, it's chilly but not burrow-in-the-apartment cold, and there is no excuse to not constantly have a hot drink in hand.

Because we only had three days and two nights to see friends and visit old haunts while we prepared to dance the night away at the greatest little wedding in South Williamsburg (congrats Ryan and Jordan!), our must-do list was narrowed down to the best of the best.

So take it from two former New Yorker's - here are 3 places you can't miss in the best city in the world!

3 NYC Musts from 2 Former New Yorkers: Marlow & Sons Brunch via All the Delights

Brunch: Marlow & Sons
81 Broadway, Brooklyn
We can't miss it because it's where we had our first date and we're suckers for nostalgia. You can't miss it because the coffee is amazing, the breakfast biscuits are amazing, and the atmosphere is...amazing. Stop here for a spicy chai and a pastry under the Williamsburg Bridge or cozy up in the back over frittatas and scones. 

3 NYC Musts from 2 Former New Yorkers: Hot Chocolate at City Bakery via All the Delights

Indulge: The City Bakery
3 West 18th Street, New York
No place does hot chocolate like New York City and The City Bakery is well-known for their rich chocolate drinks and homemade marshmallows. I'm fairly certain these guys use heavy cream, so tread lightly here. *Tip: You can get a hot chocolate shot instead of a full cup, which I highly recommend. Even on an empty stomach, Matty and I couldn't finish these.

3 NYC Musts from 2 Former New Yorkers: Two Hands Brunch via All the Delights

Brunch Part II: Two Hands NYC
164 Mott Street, New York
Two Hands opened after I left New York, but it's been a favorite of ours to visit still. This Australian cafe has my Australian husband's heart, offering hearty avo toast, grilled gluten-free banana bread with ricotta and honey, acai bowls, and an Americano that Matty cannot stop talking about. Just on the outskirts of China town, every time we come back to Two Hands the line is longer, the wait is longer, and the food is better. 

Stay tuned for more photos from our trip!