DIY One-Stich Ribbon Candy Ornament

DIY One-Stitch Ribbon Candy Ornament
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I think my favorite traditions are the ones that happen by accident. It seems that when we try to make tradition happen, it can sometimes become a task rather than a treat. Baking sugar cookies at midnight on Christmas Eve when you're exhausted but it's tradition and time is almost up, for example. That's a little rough. 

Over the years, my family has had many traditions that stuck (chocolate gravy and biscuits for breakfast, silly family games, Christmas Eve dinner, watching White Christmas), and some that didn't (aforementioned sugar cookies, and that time we overly candy'd the candied bacon).

But then there are those places where I get lost between tradition and a memory.

Which is why I enjoy re-visiting little moments after the haze of years gone. I remember my mother making ornaments from felt and embroidery thread, fun little pieces that required a little creativity and a little imagination. So this year, I stocked up on squares of felt and went a bit ornament crazy. 

I decided to begin something new as my first year as a wife, and make an ornament each year representing our family. This year was simple to capture in ornament form - marriage is a pretty big deal. I recreated my dress and his suit with pieces of felt and golden thread. One day we will have children and will recount the stories of our family at Christmastime through these humble keepsakes.

Interested in making your own? Below is a simple tutorial to make your own ribbon candy felt ornament! 

1. Cut:

  • Three 1" strips of red, white, and green, about 12" long
  • One 1/2" strip of white
  • One 1/4" strip of red

2. Layer 1" strips: red, white, green, 1/2" strip white, and 1/4" strip red and "ribbon" the pieces so that each fold is about an inch long.

3. Thread an embroidery needle and create a knot through the bell.

4. Create one long stitch through the ribbon, making sure the thin, red strip lines up as you go.

5. Pull thread through the ornaments actual hanging ribbon and create a knot with the thread.

6. Tie or sew together the hanging ribbon.

7. Trim any edges of felt that are not aligned.

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