Delightful 5: Easy, Affordable Stocking Stuffers Everyone on Your List Will Love

Delightful 5: Easy, Affordable Stocking Stuffers Everyone on Your List Will Love


By now, you've most likely wrapped up your holiday shopping and are moving on to the final details...or maybe not. Either way, I think you'll find this quick round-up useful.

Did you know that stockings are not a world-wide phenomenon? Okay - maybe phenomenon is a strong word. What I'm trying to say is, this is the first year my Aussie husband will have his own Christmas stocking. I'm quite excited about it, but that's because I'm currently a Christmas elf on a caffeine high. We've had a few conversations about the sorts of things he can put in my stocking, I've told him what sorts of things he can expect in his, and my mother has been texting my sisters and I, looking for advice as what to stuff our guys' stockings with.

I'm not sure what qualifies as a stocking stuffer to you, but here are my criteria:

  1. It's is smaller than my hand.
  2. It costs less than $15.
  3. Candy is involved. 
  4. It can be useful, fun, and/or silly.
  5. It is a general pre-curser to the gifts to come.

I've discovered that not every retailer feels this way. They tell me that expensive jewelry, major gift cards, and fancy gifts are worthy of the stocking. If that's your bag, I'm all for it, but this delightful list fits within the realms of my stocking-worthiness. That means they are inexpensive, they are easy to purchase within the last week before Christmas, and they are generally delightful in every way. Even better? They work for just about everyone on your list. 

Tell me - do you agree with my stocking criteria or do you have your own qualifications?