Let's start at the very beginning.

If you're singing to yourself, "...a very good place to start," then we are soul sisters.

Hi, I'm Brittany, and this is a space for both of us.

I started blogging back in the days of Xanga, when I refused to use the word "blog" because it sounded "gross," and preferred "online diary" 'cause that's so much better.

Five years ago I committed to blogging once a day (I've come to terms with the word) for an entire year, documenting life from 25 to 26. In that year I found myself living everywhere from my parent's house to Africa to Brooklyn. I learned how to use a camera and I thought about life with a cadence I'd never really formalized before, telling my days in stories. It was a passion project, for sure, and I never expected people to care about the day-to-day of a 25-year-old trying to figure out her next step. But some did, and it was really sweet.

In the five years since I've had my heart broken, worked as a nanny for two amazing kids in Brooklyn, gone back to Africa, moved to Austin, taken a job that miraculously involves Africa, fallen in love with an Australian, and married an Australian (same one, praise the Lord).

The last few years have taught me a lot about what it's like to lead a life of joyful intention. The importance of delighting in things that I used to take for granted: wildflowers blooming, Americanos made just right, sunlight in the morning, letters from friends, anything to do with breakfast...

It may sounds like flowery language, but I think it's important to allow what was once small to do what's natural - and grow.

So what can you expect from All the Delights?

Inspiration, tips, fun ideas, challenges, recipes, photos, and all of those things that pull you into Pinterest for hours on end, mixed with the often untold honest & authentic stories behind the scenes.

Organized like this:

10 Things 

When gratitude doesn't come naturally, I re-calibrate by making a list of 10 things I love in that moment. I’ll share them here and encourage you to do the same! It’s the ultimate soul-shifter when cultivating a life of thankfulness.

Intrigued? Check #10ThingsILoveRightNow on Instagram and join in.


Be Well 

Topics include mindfulness in daily-living, fitness and well-being, & recognizing the small delights that make up a full life.


By Hand 

Let’s talk about how gratifying it is to work with your hands, shall we?



My attempt at honest conversation. It'll be fun, I promise. (Can't you tell by my face?)


Girl With Gumption

My favorite word on the planet is gumption – just saying it makes me want to do a fist pump with myself and go get ‘em! (My brain is a Sandra Bullock movie mixed with Lord of the Rings and a musical.) I’ll be featuring girls around the world doing amazing things. Like, the kind of things that make you want to do a fist pump with yourself and go get ‘em.

PS – Nominate the girls in your life who are totally killing it with the #GirlsWithGumption tag on Instagram or on the nomination page!



I'm fresh off the high of my own wedding and jumping in to planning my sisters, so expect photos, stories, DIY projects, and tips galore.


Matty + Britt 

When we told our immigration lawyer our story her jaw dropped and she told us in her 8 years of practice she'd never heard a story like ours. So I'm writing the true story, chapter by chapter. You think you know.



We're the type of family who's already thinking about dinner during breakfast. Cooking is my love language so you can bet on seeing lots of clean, delicious recipes (and most likely a few terribly indulgent ones, as well).


Simple Delights 

A weekly look into the tiny miracles that make life sweet.


To Remember 

My own personal challenge to not rely on my iPhone for memory keeping: weekly capture of our lives and my husband.


One final note: I'm happy you found yourself here. My life will influence this blog, for sure, but it's created with you in mind. The dreamer, doer, maker, lover, the hopeful, delightful, and lovely: YOU.

So let's be friends - I like you already.

Photos by me and him and him.