10 Things I Love Right Now

10 Things I Love Right Now | All the Delights

I found myself in need of a check-up this weekend. I've been in a funk and I just can't figure it out, besides the fact that I started a Whole 30 on Tuesday (sugar leaving the body makes you mooooody). By all means, I had a great week: time well spent with friends, good cooking, dreaming up stuff with Matty, and working by the pool. But I know that if my soul isn't in check then happiness just won't function properly.

So I took the time to be thankful for the week I had, look forward to the one to come, and do a quick soul-detox to get back in order. I hope you're is having a delightful weekend!

10 Things I Love Right Now:

1. Brand-new crisp, white sheets (for $18 at Macy's instead of $120)!

2. Trader Joe's coconut cream with fruit.

3. Sunshine and tan lines.

4. Finally - a day off with Matty!

5. Imagining.

6. Sweaty summer runs.

7. How the hearts explode on my blog when you click the like button! (Note: this is not me giving you a hint, I just really enjoy it! Ha!)

8. How much Matty likes my sleepy voice.

9. Watching Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee with Matty.

10. My long, white nightgown that makes me feel like Elizabeth Bennet.

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