Lemon Water – Benefits and Recipes

One of the best things I opted for a while back and then transformed into a habit I’ll keep forever is drinking lemon water. I am somebody who’s constantly struggled with getting sufficient water daily and craved for a healthy lifestyle. Then, I add up lemon water to my routine, and boom! 

Drinking lemon water with fresh pressed lemon juice will assist with working on your health and prosperity. It likewise helps digestion and boosts normal detoxifying activities of your liver and kidneys.

Lemon water is taking the world by storm because of its amazing medical advantages. But what is your main reason for drinking it? It tastes that good and refreshing. Moreover, it’s a fabulous substitute for soda and has a lot of other benefits. So, why not?



Benefits of Lemon Water

Lemon water is a miraculous drink with many benefits to offer its consumers. Here are the few most highlighted and appreciated ones. 

Improves Hydration

Lemon water helps to boost your body’s hydration. As a general recommendation, we must drink eight glasses of water daily. When you add lemon to your glass of water, it will not only taste better but also will help you to drink more of it which ultimately improves your hydration.

Helps in Weight Loss

When you drink more water, you feel your stomach full. Especially when you add lemon to water, it will help improve digestion. The polyphenol antioxidants in lemon water aid in weight loss. So the ones, struggling to lose weight must add lemon water to their diets. 

A Great Source of Vitamin C

Vitamin C is highly beneficial to a human’s skin and overall health. Lemon is a great source of vitamin C, and when you add it to water, it makes an energized drink. You can also add grapefruit and orange to get more vitamins C. 

Improves Digestion

Lemon water is a beneficial drink to treat constipation. Drinking hot lemon water in the morning will help you improve your digestion. Hence, you can get rid of constipation as well. 

Helps Prevent Kidney Stones

Drinking diluted lemon water daily helps increase urine citrate formation, reducing the risk of kidney stone formation. Citrate is a salt that binds with calcium and helps block stone formation.

Water and Lemon


Recipes for Lemon Water

For One Glass

If you have to make one glass of lemon water for yourself, follow the below-mentioned recipe. 

  • Take one glass of purified water (glass should be 8 ounces).
  • Cut a lemon in half.
  • Squeeze half lemon into the glass of water.
  • Put it into the refrigerator for one hour if you want to enjoy it cold. 

For 8 Glasses

  • Select a large-size lemon. (if not, then take two moderately sized lemons)
  • Cut the lemon into small slices. 
  • Add these slices to the bottom of the container/pitcher. 
  • Fill the container with water. (It’s better to use filtered water)
  • Let your lemon water container leave for at least up to one hour. If you keep it overnight in your fridge, you will get the best-flavored lemon water. 
8 Glasses lemon water recipe
Free salad and detox water jug on table photo, public domain food CC0 image.

Warm Lemon Water

Drinking a cup of warm lemon water is the best you can do to start your day. Warm lemon water is a miraculous detoxifying drink that helps in reducing weight. 

  • Take a glass of warm filtered water. 
  • Squeeze half a lemon into the warm water. 
  • For sweetness, add half a teaspoon of honey. 

Your detoxifying drink is ready!


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