6 Things That Happen When You Drink Hot Lemon Water For One Week

Lemon water in the morning is all the rage these days. I don't remember where I first read about it, but I've been on board for some time, now. Before I got married I was sipping on hot lemon water every morning, enjoying the way it made me feel - and also trying everything I could to make sure I stayed sane and healthy in the midst of a lot of change. 

Since then I've become a bit lax with my lemon water routine, so I decided to commit to a week straight to kickstart the habit. This time I would pay attention to its effects and record them for the benefit of others. See, I found several blogs and articles explaining how great it is and why, but I couldn't find anything that had the "real people" touch. I felt like the internet was missing something, so here I am, Exhibit A, contributing my very scientific* research.

6 Things That Happen When You Drink Hot Lemon Water For One Week | All the Delights

*Disclaimer: That is not entirely true. I am not a scientist and I cannot say this is particularly scientific but I did do the study and these are my for-real results.

The rules:

1. Squeeze the juice from one lemon into a cup of warm-hot water (I put on the kettle and poured the water right as it began to boil).

2. Drink the lemon water on an empty stomach in the morning, preferably 30 minutes before eating breakfast.

Simple enough, right? I kept a mini journal of the day-to-day feels:

Day 1: I definitely feel alert and focused today. First days are the best!

Day 2: Matty wakes up before me and lets me sleep, then surprises me with breakfast in the nook. I groggily say, "I need the lemon water" and sip it down before eating. I didn't wait 30 minutes in between because the food would get cold and Matty does not approve of that. But the detox/digestion thing? Yep, that's working. 

Day 3: I have lemon water as soon as I wake up and can't even finish it before I feel my digestive system kicking in. I have all kinds of energy this morning that's lasted through the day. In a great mood, feeling focused and excited!

Day 4: I think the lemon water tastes sweeter today - huh. It works the digestive system but then I overdo it on carbs on day long. #girltime

Day 5: Hot lemon water is supposed to be a good replacement for coffee, and today I really notice it. I was satisfied after the lemon water, but I love coffee and have no desire to replace it. I poured a big cup of coffee and felt like I'd consumed way too much acid at once. Took a bit longer to kick in today detox-wise, but it did eventually. Still feeling pretty alert in my mind even though my body is tired from two late nights in a row spent sitting outside on picnic blankets.

Day 6: I like the flavor and the crispness in the morning. It really does make me feel alert and ready to start my day.

Day 7: I try to repeat Day 2 because Matty made me breakfast today but no matter how fast I drink it, my eggs go cold.

6 Things That Happen When You Drink Hot Lemon Water For One Week | All the Delights

It's actually quite interesting to me to go back and read the entries. If you asked me how the week was I'd tell you, "Umm...yeah - pretty good? The lemon water worked...?" Crazy how quickly we forget things. (Quick - what did you have for dinner two nights ago?) I'm happy I kept track because I think it makes this whole scientific* thing that much more accurate. 

Drinking warm/hot lemon water in the morning is meant to do a slew of wonderful things for your body, and I know that it takes more than 7 days for something to make a difference long-term, but I can tell you without a doubt, that I noticed 6 things happen to me within the small time frame of this experiment:

1. Digestion Improved - Let's just say, things were moving. 

2. Less Bloating - Up to day 4 (#girltime), I was feeling bloat-less and wonderful. 

3. Energy - Definitely up. I don't know if it was the bright, crisp flavor that made me feel instantly energized, or whatever the lemon water was doing in my body, but I don't really care. I felt the energy and I liked it.

4. Less Cravings for Coffee - In my book, this isn't necessarily a good thing because I adore coffee. But if I'm real, there were definitely days I could go without it. The lemon water still offered a warm mug, alertness, and that lovely detox effect.

5. Boosted Immune System - I didn't get sick the entire week! Not a huge feat, because that's fairly normal, but hot lemon water is meant to keep your immune system in check and I firmly believe in it. 

6. Better Mood - Besides the PMS. Wups.

Have you tried drinking lemon water in the morning? What was your reaction? Thinking of trying it now? Let me know!