The Single Workout Motivator That Works For Me Everytime

Workout motivation. The elusive thing we are all grasping for when we wake up at 6...7...8 AM or get off work after a long day. It's a slippery fish and when you catch it, you better hold on because Lord knows it'll wiggle away as fast as you can think the word, "Netflix."

I've found that there is one thing that motivates me time after time. Above the endorphins, significant health benefits, promise of a better mood, hair, skin, nails, flatter stomach - all of that:  my number one motivator is a kick-ass playlist. It will get me out of bed or off the couch. It's the time when I get to listen to anything I want, as long as it keeps me moving. This most often plays out in cheesy pop songs, old-school rock and roll, a bit of rap, and almost always 90's music. 

I'm about to go for a run now and I'm pumped as ever to listen to my new "Girl Power" (let's just ignore the fact that I added two guy jams) playlist. Give it a go for your next work out and let us know in the comments what you'd add!  

Summer Workout Playlist | All the Delights

(Pst - If you're on Spotify, you can follow the playlist here! I've added 3 songs that I can't get enough of right now!)