DIY (Pattern-Free!) Summer Top

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I'm a weird combo of creative and analytical. I love to make things from scratch but I'm also totally fine with detailed directions. Lego sets, recipes, puzzles, IKEA furniture, give it to me and let me get in the zone.

But sewing patterns? Those pages of hard-to-understand, seemingly meaningless steps that somehow become very important to the structure of the garment but make no clear sense on paper? Let's just say my patience is low. It's something I want to work on, as I'm determined to make more clothes for myself, but for now let's just throw out the pattern with the bath water and see what happens. #peaceoutpattern

My mom bought me a yard of beautiful floral chambray cotton and I intended to make a small backpack or make-up bag, but I found myself needing a top to wear to our very American baseball outing. I figured the easiest thing would be a simple halter (no sleeves to mess with), so I pulled out two dresses to help create the shape. Leaving about an inch on either side, I used the first dress to measure accurate arm holes and neckline:

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Once I cut the arm holes, I switched out the dress for another that had more of a swing shape. I wanted the top to be loose, easy and a bit longer in the back to cover my booty a bit. In hindsight, I would have liked it a bit longer and used a fabric that draped better, but for what it is - a quick-sew top without a pattern or a care in the world - it's super.

After cutting out 3 pieces (the front, back, and a 2" wide strip for the straps), I used a sewing machine to:

1. Hem around the bottom and the arm holes on both pieces and the key hole on the back piece.
2. Create a one-inch fold over loop on the neckline, leaving the ends open to pull the strap through.
3. Sew the front and back pieces together.
4. Sew the 2" strip to pull it all together. I wanted it extra-long to let the bow drape in the back.

And ta-da! 

via All the Delights
via All the Delights

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