10 Things I Love Right Now

10 Things I Love Right Now via All the Delights

I want to be honest with you. When I started All the Delights I was very tempted (still am) to do a lot of things that I see other bloggers doing. Namely, round-ups, lists of links, and favorite make-up products or pieces of clothing. I thought that I needed to have a style section, 'cause everyone's doing it. 

Hang on. Do you want to know what my style is? It's the style of I haven't bought new clothes since last year and I still look at fashion blogs like I can actually apply them to my life. Which is why I'm thinking of doing a capsule closet because it's the perfect marriage of the two. But more on that later. (Pst - anyone tried it yet?)

But lists and round-ups have never been my thing. For me, they're only helpful if it's a round-up of something I've been looking for and it's in my price range. Because that's a very rare intersection, round-ups just aren't relevant to me. Even though eeeveryone does it, I just gotta stay real, ya know? (Sorry.)

Which is why this is the list that I share. It's for me and it's for everyone. It's for you, most of all. I love reading other people's list because it's a glimpse into what sets off a little party inside their souls. I only share mine to encourage you to do the same. Take a look at #10ThingsILoveRightNow and try not to feel inspired to make your own list. It's a guaranteed alcohol and sugar-free mood-shifter in 10 minutes or less.

10 Things I Love Right Now:

1. New shampoo and conditioner.

2. Long summer days.

3. Connecting with new and old friends through this blog.

4. Stowaway lunch breaks and sno-cones with Matty.

5. Preparing for Lauren's bachelorette party - and wedding!

6. A season of seeing family often and living next door to Lauren and Faustin.

7. Seeing God answer our prayers and praying with Matty for specific things before we go to sleep.

8. Laughing, playing, joking, and having an all out blast being married to my best friend. 

9. Eating oatmeal again.

10. Eating in general...

PS - I keep all my lists in a handmade journal that I absolutely adore. Find the tutorial below!