Monday Musings: The Closet Conundrum


For the last two months the words "capsule wardrobe" have been floating around in conversation. Several of my friends have brought it up, but I've yet to know someone personally to take the plunge. The idea is simple: you clean out your closet ( I mean really clean it out), and edit it down to a "mere" 37 items. You wear those items for the entire season without shopping for anything new. That's the tiny nutshell version.

It sounded crazy at first. But then I went an entire summer without shopping and tested the waters, more out of necessity than will. And guess what? I put together some outfits that I never would have thought of, I found that I enjoyed a less-cluttered closet, and I was able to pinpoint the things that I thought I needed, yet never wore. 

Alas, summer is coming to an end and I'm pretty desperate for some new things. I've been eager to go shopping and am thinking more and more about going all-out capsule wardrobe. I've also become more aware of where I shop and where my clothes are made. This feels like a luxury, right? Kinda the same way we felt when organic produce first hit the shelves. "Oh, that's nice, I just can't afford it." And then we realized how important it is that we feed our bodies well.

That's what I'm facing right now with the clothes that I buy. What I put on my body goes beyond me, it's effecting an entire community of people. What are the conditions where my clothes are made? Who cares if my kale is organic - my tee-shirt could be poisoning a young girl in India. 

I was encouraged by an article on Darling Magazine last week, concerning a conscious closet on an NGO budget (which is exactly the situation I'm in). And do you know the cheapest first step toward a conscious closet? Recycling your clothes. So that's what I did this weekend. I packed up a bag things that I hadn't worn in the last 3 months and took them to two separate re-sale shops. I made some store credit and thrifted away three long and worthy hours. 

The interesting thing is that everything I bought fits into a similar color story. Which makes me think that this capsule wardrobe thing is kinda meant to be.

Anyways, remember last week when I said I'd never post a blog about fashion? Welp. 

My top 3 articles on the matter:

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The Environmental Crisis in Your Closet (This is a must read.)

I'm looking forward to exploring this topic further and I'd love to hear your thoughts. Would you every try a capsule wardrobe? Do you feel the need to think about what you purchase? 

Have a great week, friends!