Can we talk?


Can I break the mold for a second? There are a few things that I want to talk to you about.

First, I’m on a plane to LA right now with my co-worker, Cali. We’re headed to Yellow Conference with a bunch of other creative women arriving from all over the world, which is equal parts daunting and exciting. I’m a bit nervous because as much as you downplay comparison and celebrate the gifts and talents of others, it’s a nasty fight. Nevertheless, it’s a fight I’m totally down to win. 

Second, Matty is flying in Friday night so we can spend the weekend together. We said goodbye in the parking lot of my office and it was gut wrenching to watch him drive away. I’m conditioned to hate telling him goodbye, since that normally meant miles, time changes, and weeks apart. After 5 months of marriage, 48 hours in separate states is definitely a heightened and dramatic experience (something I used to roll my eyes at - now I get it, newlyweds!). He prayed for me and sent me the most encouraging messages, which made it better and worse because he’s so freakin’ great.

Next, my younger sister, Lauren, is getting married a week from next Monday. There are bachelorette party details to finalize, wedding speeches to write, hair and make-up YouTube videos to watch, and detoxes to do. Her finance is from Kenya and they are jumping through hoops to get his family into town. We still aren’t sure that his parents will make it, which has been devastating, but we are not giving up. 

Also, let’s talk about the Girls With Gumption feature I posted this week. Wow. It broke records and so far around 800 people have read Chelsea and Edie’s story. I woke up the next morning to comments here and on Facebook from friends, family, and strangers alike. Some people had to put the phone down because of the tears (I hear ya), some felt closure for similar circumstances in their own lives, some were inspired by Chelsea’s faith and strength, and I was floored that this platform provided a space for Edie’s story to live on in such a mighty way. From me, my family, and Chelsea, I just want to say thank you. 

On that note, I’m excited to hand over the reigns to you. I want to know the women in your life who have a story to tell. The over-comers, achievers, lovers, dreamers, and the ones that will never fit into a simple box. Stay tuned, open calls are coming soon.

Finally, between this conference, my sister’s wedding, a second creative conference in Dallas immediately after that, and above all else, as many meaningful moments I can steal away with my husband, I’m going to take off a week from All the Things I’ve Not Yet Said (our epic true love story, for those not following along). I’ll be back swinging, leading up to the moment that I’ve yet to share with anyone besides the “need-to-knows,” hence the name. All the things I’ve not yet said? Well, I’m about to say them. To the entire internet. 

So, thank you for being my diary for the day. Feels good.

What’s going on with you these days? Do you have any tips as to how to fight comparison? How about how to not bawl during wedding speeches? Please (for everyone involved), share your wisdom.



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