Weekend in LA: Photo Diary

LA via All the Delights

After Yellow Conference finished, Matty flew out to LA to meet me for the weekend. We had a whirlwind 48-ish hours and made it a goal to see LA as the locals do. Somehow we ended up in Venice Beach and Santa Monica on Saturday and walked over 4 miles in bad shoes. I'd say we failed that day. We made up for it the next day by hanging around Silver Lake (Silverlake?), where we were staying with our dear friend, Kate (who took a lot of our wedding photos). Total win. Here's a quick view of our itinerary:


  • Breakfast at Go Get Em Tiger (Should you go? YES!) and walking along Larchmont Blvd.
  • Shopping and exploring down Abbot Kinney with a detour over to General Store
  • Walking in the heat wave around Santa Monica with a quick lunch/snack at a coffee shop
  • Driving through Topanga Canyon on our way to Malibu
  • Dinner at Malibu Farm on the pier (Should you go? YES!)

My favorite part about Saturday (besides the delicious food) was the huge pink moon that showed up over the water while we were on the pier. Photos don't do it justice - I have never seen the moon more beautiful!


  • Breakfast at Sqirl with our hostess, Kate, where homemade biscuits and jam reign supreme. (YES GO)
  • Exploring shops around Silver Lake down Sunset Blvd.
  • Coffee at Dinosaur Coffee (GO)
  • Griffith Observatory - Tourists everywhere and so windy! But really beautiful and the side of LA I'd been wanting to see. We recreated a photo of Matty with James Dean's bust that he took five years ago!
  • Church at Hillsong LA
  • Dinner at Stout Burgers (GOOO)

My favorite part of Sunday was going to church, where we immediately felt like home. Matty and I met at Hillsong NYC (which you are welcome to read all about), and so it's always fun for us to visit other "rooms" of the House. My second favorite part was sitting next to Anna Kendrick at Stout Burgers and hearing her talk about people like Zac Efron and Christopher Nolan. And newsflash: even high-paid actresses complain about their jobs sometimes. 

We woke up around 4AM the next day to head home. Short but sweet, as they say. These photos were taken by Matty and a few by me! He's teaching me well, even though it drives him crazy that I keep taking pictures of food that I've already bitten in to. It's my thang, ya know?