Girls With Gumption: Now Open For Nominations!

Dear friends,

I'm excited to announce that as of today, Girls With Gumption is open for nominations!

GWG has been the most popular feature on All the Delights and has already gone beyond my wildest imagination in terms of the stories being told, the honesty behind the interviews, and how they have been received by readers - from tears, to joy, to wild inspiration.

There is a woman in your life who's story has not been heard. I challenge you to take 5 minutes and see who comes to mind, then tell us about her. In just 5 minutes, you could be the catalyst of change and hope in someone's life - not a bad way to start the week.

Read below for details and let's do this thing. Let's create something that we believe in.

Love, Britt


Girls With Gumption is platform for women of all walks to tell their stories and inspire others. She doesn't have to be influential (in terms of Instagram followers), successful (in terms of money), or attractive (in terms of silly standards). Instead, her presence changes the atmosphere wherever she goes, her happiness lies in the small delights of her day-to-day, and her beauty is untouched and unchallenged.


Because her story makes all of us better. We are connected in moments, feelings, and experiences that until now have been left unsaid.


She is your mother, sister, daughter, grandmother, and friend. You aren't intimidated around her, but instead inspired. You can tell her anything and she won't hold back. She is our closest confidant - never distant or unattainable. 

You know this woman, and we want to hear her story. Who is she in your life? We want to meet her. 


Nominate her here (or hover over "Contact" in the toolbar). We will contact her and let her know she's been nominated to tell her story by someone who believes that hers is better not left untold. From there, the process easy. We'll arrange an interview, photography as necessary, and a well-crafted story.