Britt Gets Fit: Check-In 03

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Don't worry, friends. Just because it's Tuesday and not Monday does not mean that the health train has derailed to donut land. Things are going just fine. So fine, in fact, that I didn't work on anything at all for 3 whole days. That's health for the brain!

Also, yesterday was my b-day :) #nowork

Mmk, onwards to week 3!

Britt Gets Fit Week 03 via

My goal this week was to incorporate more strength-training exercises. Let's break it down and see how it went:

  • Yoga 5x (30 mins. average)
  • Strength Training 5x (15 mins. average)
  • Miles Walked 6

This is the first time I've looked back on the week and I'm pretty proud of myself! I'm not spending hours and hours working out, but I am getting in some sort of exercise 6 out of 7 days. 

By the way, exercise is one of those words that I just cannot spell. I have to use spell check every single time and when I don't have access to spell check, I use "work out" instead. My other word is "necessary" - really was not a spelling bee champ.

The key to making it work this week was getting creative. Those 6 miles I walked were joined by two happy kiddos. We passed up the car seats and went on a "journey" to the nearest park, 2 miles away. I kept telling them we were on an adventure! A journey to a new land! It actually made it more fun for me, as well. Maybe next week I'll even try to run a bit and test those "super mom" waters...

In all honesty, I want to up the ante a bit and push my body. My goal this week will be to "meet my edge" and sweat every day.

Britt Gets Fit Week 03 via
Britt Gets Fit Week 03 via

Another weekend of birthday celebrations. Honestly, when did 31 become such a big deal?! So much celebrating. So much food. 

Matty and I continued to eat very healthy all week long - highlights were acai smoothies/bowls (buy the packets in the freezer section and follow the instructions on the back for perfection), homemade "kitchen sink" shepherd's pie, perfect roasted potatoes, and paleo banana bread.

On the top left, I present Matty's apricot chicken with broccoli and rice. He made it for our family Saturday night and everyone was raaaving. It was the very first dish he made me and so I requested it for my bday :) Next to that is a grapefruit sundae (Café No Sé), the first of many free desserts we shared over the weekend. Banana bread, peppermint tea, eggs, green juice - I went crazy for the juice and tea this week trying to fend off a bit of a cold. Acai bowl, check! And finally a kale and butternut squash scramble, also from Café No Sé. Guys. I didn't even eat/want the bread. Hi, I'm Brittany and you can put bread on my plate and I won't eat it! 

Who am I.

Britt Gets Fit Week 03 via

Having family in town for the weekend meant a good amount of eating out, but it really wasn't a problem. Over our final meal out, Matty and I realized that we actually are very happy to eat at home. We eat well and we like the food we make. Only one restaurant served me something that I was like "OMG AMAZING I CAN'T MAKE THIS AT HOME" and while I had a really wonderful dining experience everywhere we went, I craved getting back in my own kitchen. Really funny, since by Friday I was really ready for someone else to cook for us. 

Also, in the middle of a very unstructured and relaxing weekend, I got up and worked out Sunday morning. Because I wanted to.

And finally, I allowed myself to rest mentally. I have a sneaky feeling that it's going to help me physically, as well. Give yourself permission to rest your mind. I know - it feels impossible and like the world will fall apart if you stop thinking, but I promise, it won't. 

I'm looking forward to this week because I read somewhere that you start feeling changes in your body after 4 weeks of eating well and excersizing. (Proof - spelled it wrong again.)

Will report back in one week!