A Weekend in the Mountains | Denver, Colorado

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Two years ago my youngest sister, Rachel, and her husband, Jacob, moved to Denver, Colorado. I was a huge proponent of this decision, having lived in a few different cities on my own, and I knew it'd stretch them and send them on the adventure they'd never find in Texas. 

As you can imagine, moving to a city knowing very few people and discovering how to create a new life was not without it's challenges. But two years in, they've managed to collect their own favorite locales, new friends, and built a life that suits them well. It wasn't hard to see that Rachel and Jake belong in the mountains.

Matty and I had the most amazing time with them. We drank too much coffee, ate too much sugar, laughed a lot, even cried some. Okay, that was me. I think my sisters and their husbands make me understand "couple friends" as something to not be weirded out by. But seriously, still feel a little gross typing that phrase.

My favorite part of the trip was driving to Breckenridge and snowshoeing for about 3 miles in the mountains. I was a full-on permanent smile and photo-snapping tourist. 

Here are a few photos, the best of them taken by my husband. I'm so thankful for this trip and a chance to let my mind rest and feel completely at ease, surrounded by family and snow-capped mountains. I don't know if I told you yet, but we're moving out of Texas. In a month. More on that later :)