The "We're Moving" Post

Matty & Britt - California

"I think we should move to California," he told me—only a few months after he'd moved to Austin from New York City and put a ring on my finger.

I had a million other things on my mind: wedding, visas, apartments, jobs, cars, money, marriage, living in the same state as my boyfr...fiance. I prayed that he would love Austin and that we would be content to make our first home here, however long that may be. 

And while it did come to pass, he still told me: "LA. It's next."

To be honest, I believed him from the moment he said it. California was always on my horizon, I just didn't know when or with whom. It just felt weird to me, to talk about it so soon. I decided to go to school in Nashville in an instant. I decided to move to New York (twice) in an instant. And moving to Austin was certainly a 0-60 moment. It was really against my personality (PLANNER), but I loved the romance of booking a one-way ticket and sorting out the details along the way.

California is different. For two years now, the seed has grown from inkling to real-life dream. What once seemed impossible to me is now a complete no-brainer and I can't wait! In seven days we will leave our first home and leap into our next great chapter.

But not before taking a little reprieve. Three weeks in Australia, to be exact.

I never thought I'd go to Australia once in my life, but marrying an Aussie certainly puts some oomph in the word, "adventure." We are so excited to visit the Chatburn crew, a full year after we last saw them at our wedding here in Texas. I'll admit, it's a bit unnerving to travel around the world without a home and our belongings in storage but is it not also a little badass?

Ha—that's me: "Brittany Rose Chatburn: A Little Badass"

Anyways, I'm not sure March and April will look for All the Delights and I've decided to be okay with that. I've always been real honest with you here, so the goal is to be fluid and moldable as each day comes. Keep checking in and let's just see where we land, yeah?

And okay, I promised myself I wouldn't do this but now I can't help myself...