Britt Gets Fit: Check-In 08

Britt Gets Fit: Check-In 08

Isn't week 8 when you 6-pack starts to show?

That's a thing, right?

This week, I'm going to share a more detailed schedule because I'm feeling feisty this morning!



2 mile run (9:45 average mile)
4x: 6 bench press/10 squats/10 sit-ups
6x: 5 bench press/5 box squats

2 mile run (9:06 average mile)
4x: sit-ups/scotty bobs/lunges
6x: walking lunges/dumbbell drag


2.5 mile run (9:47 average mile)


My goal was to add running into my workouts, about 10-15 miles/week. I managed to put off that goal until Wednesday, so I only hit 6.5. I wonder what my former half-marathon-training self would think, but my current "let's just fit in a workout no matter what it is" self is totally cool with it.

The best part about working out this week was that Matty and I did it together. Our brother-in-law introduced us to the Mountain Athletics app by NorthFace and so far, we love it! We chose a 6-week program and you can time yourself to see improvements as you go. We followed the app on Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday. It's 5 days on/2 days off, which is the perfect time for me to fit in some yoga.

Avo Toast on Gluten-Free Bread

Serious cravings this week. I ate hummus and pretzels because I thought about it for days straight. I bought gluten-free bread because I wanted avo toast. I definitely overdid it on paleo "treats" and also had a full on cheat-day with a burger, gelato, and breakfast tacos. 

But then some days were spot on. I'm thinking more about portion control these last two weeks since I'm on the final stretch. Smaller portions and more cardio are what I'm hoping will get me over the hump. 

In summary: Thou shall not beat thyself up over breakfast tacos, but thou shall understand when to to reel it in.

Working out with Matty was such a win. We tend to do our own things, so it's pretty fun to find something that we both like to do and can cheer each other on.

I had a few moments that felt like my less-than-healthy mental days and that was really strange. It's been a while since those moods have crept in, but you know what helps? A really great workout. As hard as it is to start when I'm feeling that way, it kicks all thoughts of "let's bake a batch of 'paleo' cookies at 11PM and eat them all" in the butt.

Speaking of butts, Matty took a photo of mine and I don't hate it. Not even one little bit.

Stay tuned for the final check-in next week!