Britt Gets Fit: Check-In 05

Britt Gets Fit Week 5

It's a little delayed, but I'm here. Made it to week 5. Even though it kinda feels like "napped through week 5" is more accurate. It's a good thing I'm keeping notes because my memory isn't in as great shape as my booty, which apparently decided to show up to the party this week. 

Let's examine the evidence.

Britt Gets Fit Week 5
Basically a Kardashian. 

Basically a Kardashian. 

HI MY BUTT IS A SHELF. So maybe it's always been this way, or maybe I've just never seen a picture of me standing like this before, but come on. That's ridiculous. THAT is why my junior high basketball coach told me I was more like a "sister" than a white girl. THAT is why my high school classmates called me B Cubed, short for "Big Booty Brittany."

That is also why my husband married me. Perhaps I should lay off the jump squats.

Okay, I need to be honest. I just held my thumb over my that photo to see what I'd look like with a smaller butt. This is the poison trying to take over. I really do like my body, and I'm going to take Justin Bieber's advice and love myself. (I'm aware that I'm totally taking that out of context.) 

Workouts this week included:

  • One 3 mile hike in snowshoes
  • Two days of yoga plus stretching
  • One HIIT
  • One full body circuit
  • One 2.5 mile "hike" on the Greenbelt (aka, walking through the nature in Austin)
  • 8-ish hours of tidying up the house in one go: definitely exercise (yes, I had to use spellcheck for that word again) 

Did I mention I'm in love with snowshoeing

Britt Gets Fit Week 5

Actual journal entries from this week:

Mon: "lots of food"
Tues: "3/4 gluten-free pizza, 6 gluten-free cookies, arepas! No workout :("


Thankfully, I shaped up on Wednesday. I've been reliving the days of my youth through tunafish lunches. It's pretty great, really. I try to buy the best I can afford (sorry, $5 tuna cans, I'll be worthy of you one day), and mix in some Sir Kensington's mayo, pickled jalapenos, and spicy mustard. Packs the protein punch.

PMS came to visit this week, which explains the Trader Joe's Gluten-Free waffles for breakfast almost every day, and the bun-less burger and fries post "hike," and also the gluten-free brownies. If you can't tell, I pretended gluten-free=healthy this week.

But overall? Not terrible. I've mastered the habit of not grazing after dinner and snacking is at a minimum. 

Britt Gets Fit Week 5

As the master of knowing what I look like, Matty has begun commenting that "the yoga is working." I do feel that my body is making some changes for the better! I feel stronger in my workouts and a certain pair of white jean shorts may come back into rotation. Honestly, there is no better litmus test than white jean shorts.

I haven't been following my weight through this process, though I did step on the scele this week out of curiosity. I found that the number I saw had no effect whatsoever on my confidence. If it's low, I'm losing weight, if it's high, I'm gaining muscle. Really, the scale doesn't matter to me. THAT'S A WIN.

The last few weeks I've neglected to share my motivation/mood/energy notes - let's bring it on back:

Motivation: Averaging out at a 6
Mood: What's the average of happy, irritable, and PMS...?
Energy: High! Every day!

I think my motivation was waning because boredom set in. Will attempt to mix it up in week 6. Happy to report that sustained energy is real! I CAN DO ALL THINGS!

See ya in 6 ;)