An Update + An Announcement

Mullholland Drive, LA | All the Delights

Hey pals! I am currently sitting in a cafe in Venice, watching a photo shoot happen across the street (definitely some #streetstyle fashion happening - werk, girl), and politely letting the guy next to me know that no, I do not have any rolling papers. 

If we're friends on Instagram, you've seen me post photos from Australia, New Mexico, Arizona, California, and even Texas. It may appear that I'm all play and no work, or that I don't have an actual home. (One of those things is kinda true.) You may not know where in the world I've landed and honestly, you may not have given it a second thought. You could have even unfollowed me since I became that girl who posts too many beach photos—fair.

So, let us begin with an update:

After spending a good month with Matty's family in Australia, we took a road trip across the country to move to Los Angeles. We are subletting an apartment downtown this month, in West Hollywood next month, and just taking our time as we get situated. Matty took a job almost immediately and is jumping right in to photo work. I'm wrapping up some freelance jobs and looking ahead to what's next. Whiiiich is a fancy way of saying that I spend a freakin' lot of time job searching. (Sorry that I'm not posting photos about that on Instagram, it's just not as pretty as hikes in Malibu.) In fact, you may even be here because you're a potential employer and you're creepin' on me. In which case, welcome! and I hope my friends will leave some very kind references for me in the comments...

All this to say, we're doing pretty good. I wasn't sure where All the Delights would fall on my list of things to do these last few months, I just wanted it to happen organically. A few months ago I would have major anxiety over taking a break, but something about the laid-back life in Australia made me believe that it was okay to just stop and read two books in 4 days, spend time with family that I never get to see, and fill up my soul. 

Now that we're in California, I'm more inspired than ever for where All the Delights is headed.

Which leads me to the announcement:

Changes are in store!

I know, I know. Super vague. But the last few weeks I've been investigating every nook and cranny of this blog, my brain, and my heart. I've landed on a slightly new direction and a rather different look. I'm calling it ATD 2.0 'cause it makes it sounds cool. Rather than just spring it on you, I'd like to let you know that things are in process. In fact, here's a sneak peak of the mood board that I created to visually conceptualize what's in my head:

ATD 2.0 Mood Board

I guess you could say that I've been inspired by our recent travels. Also—didn't expect to include that in this post, so there ya go! Anything can happen.

The most exciting part about all these changes? It's going to mean less of me and more of you. So if you want to collaborate, don't be shy

Chances are, we're looking at a May launch. I have a lot of work to do between now and then, so better hop to it! Can't wait to share this new vision with you, my friends who keep me company in our own cozy corner of the internet.