Welcome to the Brand New All the Delights

Welcome to the Brand New All the Delights

Dear friends, family, moms, grandmas, aunts, old high school pals, and acquaintances:

It feels good to write you again. 

If you can't tell, I've been spending the last few weeks making a few changes behind the curtain. My brain has shifted from words to visuals, letting my imagination go outside the box I normally live in, and dreaming up some real long-term goals for All the Delights. Today is the beginning of something brand new and if you'll indulge me a bit, I'd love to tell you all about it.

I started this blog almost a year ago out of desperation. Every aspect of my creative brain was devoted to my job, which was an exciting place to be, but the more I shut off my voice and took on a company voice, the more I felt like someone was putting a lid on my raw, wild creativity. I knew that if I didn't find an outlet, I'd become a robot. And not like, a cool one with fancy features.

(Okay, maybe the rusty tin man would have been a better metaphor here.)

Thus! All the Delights was born. I had grandiose ideas of: Posting new content 5x a week! Starting daily columns! Never ever losing track! It was really exciting, but also really stupid. I don't know if I've ever told you this, but I'd say it takes me 2 or 3 hours just to craft a post. I'm kind of a perfectionist.* Besides the writing there's photography, development, editing, uploading, creating necessary graphics, and most of all, Googling "how do I __________" for basically every aspect. So many tutorial videos. Soooo many.

(*Even though my mother, The Editor, always texts me with grammatical errors before most of you have had a chance to read anything.)

You never know what to expect when you start a creative project, but I had an inkling that if I told some real, honest stories, people would pay attention. Some attempts flopped, and some surpassed my imagination.

I used this platform to share some very personal things. Things I didn't think I'd ever tell some of my close friends, much less the entirety of the internet.

When I told you guys that the worst relationship I ever had was with food, you didn't make me feel like an idiot. Since I posted that story in October of last year, I've had friends and family members open up to me about their struggles. I've had strangers let me know they'd been comforted, knowing someone knew exactly what they were going through. It is, to this day, the most visited story on All the Delights and I promise you this is true: the pain and insecurities I fought were absolutely worth it to know that my story resonated with so many people. People who, like me, are getting better because of it.

Another highlight? The girls. Y'all seriously love the Girls with Gumption, and why wouldn't you? They are inspiring and they are just like us. They are us. I'm excited to feature a new girl this month (who has been ever so generous with her patience while I make all these changes). As always, you can nominate a girl you'd like to see featured right here

With that said, I'd love to lay out a few things before I formally welcome you to ATD 2.0, cool?


What's changing?



Visually, a lot. I wanted to get outside of the internet and find inspiration from something a bit more tangible. So I started paying attention to what was around me and in the moments that took my breath away, I found out where All the Delights was headed. 

It can be summed up in this one photo, taken in Byron Bay off the coast of Australia:

Britt in Byron Bay via allthedelights.com

Do you ever look at a photo and want to live inside it? Like Mary Poppins and Burt jumping into the sidewalk paintings? That's me in this photo. I can't believe I got to live inside it.

I was incredibly inspired by the coast, the ocean, and most of all, the colors that happen just as the sun sets. I know, I know—not the first person in history to be inspired by a sunset, but stay with me. The whole world turns to pastel and I wanted to write in a way that would make people feel the way I felt when I saw those colors change. All the Delights is about finding delight, after all—helping us all keep gratitude in the forefront, knowing full well that a thankful heart means a healthy mind, body, and soul.

In contrast with the soft color, I wanted to make a statement with the logo. I looked for big, bold lettering, something quite the opposite of what we started with:

Started cute and dainty now we HERE:

All the Delights Logo


Pretty things are really great and I enjoy them very much. But quiet and delicate is just not where we're headed. We're going big, bold, and beautiful. Like the blog version of a Pantene commercial.



I've been organizing content over the last few months with a goal to really understand the sweet spot between what you guys want to read and what I enjoy writing about. You can now see our official categories either in the top navigation or the handy "Categories" sidebar. Feel free to poke around or use the search bar up there on the right under my photo to find anything you need fast.

Now. Here's the part that's really changing:

From the very beginning, I wanted All the Delights to have a broad scope. My initial dip in that pool was with the Girls With Gumption feature, which is totally great and you guys love it. I'm ready to wade in a bit further now (yay, this metaphor works!), and I'm thrilled to say that...All the Delights is now looking for contributors! 

I know that this is going to take some time because I'll be picky. I think I know what you guys like (riiiiight?), so I want writers with a specific voice and a story to tell. This can be in any realm: interior design, style, food, exercise, pottery—you name it. In fact, if you're interested or if you have names of people I should talk to, send me a direct email (brittanyrosechatburn@gmail.com) or check out the contact page. I'M SO EXCITED.


What's not changing?



While I'm happy to take a step back, I'll still be here. Sharing my own weird stories, coming up with ideas, baking up one too many (dozen) paleo cookies. We'll get back to your regularly scheduled weekly updates, and I've even got a plan for that thing we all hate getting yet we all try to get you to sign up for: the newsletter. My goal is to send you ONE email a month, with helpful highlights and pretty photos. Quick and painless. You might even like it. I dare you to sign up on the right-hand sidebar and see if I'm right. 

(See? Told you I'd try to get you to sign up.)

The Heart

If you've stuck with me this long, I owe you a drink. I'm happy you're here, because this is the most important part.

The heart behind All the Delights hasn't changed, it's just (if you will), grown. Here's the "official" write-up:

All the Delights is a collection of candid stories told from a life lived with joyful intention.

Founded by Brittany Chatburn in 2015, ATD believes that gratitude begins by recognizing the tiny miracles that happen in the day to day. Our goal is to inspire wellness through the foundation of thankfulness, while inviting a little bit of messiness (read: realness) into an often-curated world. 

Discover a fresh recipe to share with friends and family. Get lost in an honest re-telling of what it’s like to fall in love across state lines. Meet the girls who change the atmosphere wherever they go. 

Wherever you find yourself, we hope you’re met with delight and inspiration along the way.

And that's really it. 

I've certainly found delight and inspiration from you along the way. You've given me the gumption to make this thing what it is, and I'm happy we're friends, family, old high school pals, acquaintances...all of that, together.