3 Easy Recipe Equations for When You’re on the Hustle

3 Easy Recipe Equations For When You're On The Hustle

They say write what you know and this, my friends, is what I know.

For the last 3 months Matty and I have been hopping around sublets, friend's houses and parent's houses. In two weeks we are finally moving into our first apartment here in LA (YAY THE HEAVENS HAVE OPENED), but I think we've learned quite a bit these last few months.

Honestly, I was pretty unnerved to leave Austin knowing that we wouldn't have a home to ourselves for awhile. Making a home was very important to me. It was part of my identity as a person and as a wife. I won't lie about it, I had a few break downs along the way. It was hard to get a grip on the things I knew when everything around me was so unfamiliar. Which led to the question: What does home mean to me, really?

And that's when I started gaining a bit of peace. Home isn't a bed, a kitchen, it's not our belongings—ownership actually has no part of home. Am I still the same person if you take away all of my things? It's a hard lesson to learn. It strips you down to bare bones. It's kinda ugly.

(I know this is a little personal for a recipe round-up, but hang with me, here.)

What is home to me? It's faith, it's Matty, and it's family. They know me and love me no matter where I am or how many things I screw up. It really is a heart thing. Guys, "home is where the heart is"—that thing you see embroidered on pillows—THAT'S A REAL THING. 

Now, let's get to the reason you're here.

Cooking dinner was one of those things that I took for granted. It's such a simple act, one that many people don't even like to do. But I missed it. And Matty missed it. Cooking for him is one of the ways that I care for him. It sounds silly, but I take great pride in serving him healthy food that tastes good. Some of our best conversations happen around the dinner table.

We travelled with a few kitchen items but for the most part, I've had few supplies and tiny kitchens. Time has also been an issue. We've been applying for jobs, starting jobs, getting stuck in traffic, generally spending a lot of time outside of our apartment, exploring, running errands, and getting our life here set up. I don't have time, supplies, or space to make a fancy dinner.

Here are 3 simple recipe equations that I've kept on rotation for the last few months. They don't require much, they're healthy, quick, and you can switch 'em up so things don't get boring. 

Easy Recipe Equation: Taquito Dinner via All the Delights
Easy Recipe Equation: Protein Veggie Soup via All the Delights
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