Our California Home: Living Room Inspiration

Our California Home: Living Room Inspiration

Guys guys guys guess what. WE HAVE A PLACE TO LIVE. In the last 48 hours nothing has consumed my mind more than this lovely place that we will get to call our home for hopefully a nice, loooong time. We are ready to invest in a place and make it ours with the knowledge that we'll stay longer than 12 months. Our first apartment together in Austin was an absolutely perfect beginning, but this place? It's a dream of a blank canvas. Big, bright windows. Hardwood floors. Funky green, yellow, and pink tile. Natural light in every room, including the kitchen and the bathroom. It's true California charm and though we'll move in next Saturday with only the few things we packed in our car 2 months ago, Matty and I can't stop talking about furniture, photographs, rugs, and developing new recipes in that kitchen. Mmk that last one is all me, but everyone benefits.

I've started working in the marketing department for a national furniture company and part of my job involves researching blogs about homes and decor, so I've had little to distract me. Instead, I'm supremely inspired and curious as to how these fancy interior design bloggers would respond to the green and yellow backsplash in our kitchen—I'm stumped.

But tile aside, I'm amazed at the conversations happening about home decor. Every question that I could imagine? Someone has answered. A sampling of my recent Google searches: 

What do I do with the blank space above my stove?
Are tablecloths for real out of style?
How do you create an "entryway" without an entryway?
But really, ARE there houseplants that I can keep alive?

Some of my favorite posts are before & afters. Shocker. But with that in mind, I thought that we'd finally dive into a new category here on ATD: At Home. Home is something I've pondered a lot recently, and I'm excited to open up the conversation here. I'm not an interior designer, so don't expect any expertise, but I do know what I like and I think that's the most important thing when it comes to style. You'll most likely follow Matty and I as we navigate what this new space holds for us, and the things we learn along the way.

And what better place to start than.........with a mood board!

Mood Board: California Living Room

We decided to focus on one room at a time. I'll let you know if this is a good philosophy or if it becomes one of those things that we "should have known better" because "a room is never really finished." It's the journey, folks. And though we've been dreaming like we have all the resources in the world, the truth is we probably won't even get started on this phase of the process for a few months. Because the first thing that we want to do, before any trips to IKEA, before any "hey, I found this at the dollar spot" moments, is this:

Buy an adult couch.

Friends, it is time to spend more than $300 on a second-hand couch. We're looking for The One. We decided to go couch shopping last weekend in hopes of coming face to face (or butt to butt, heh...) with The One.

Boy, did we ever. This grey couch in the photo is the Verano Sofa from Crate & Barrel and admittedly, it doesn't look super cool in the mood board, but a closer look and you'll fall in love. The curve of the arms, the deep seats of the cushions, the ability to provide both coziness and sophistication—it's the couch for us. And now that we've met it, we're hoping it'll make us that much more inclined to save for it. 'Cause when you meet The One, they don't come cheap.

Aside from the couch, we know we want to have a larger-than-life print on the wall. We fell in love with Byron Bay and this photo that Matty took of the surfers at sunset. My test for anything that goes on the wall, be it art or photographs, is this question: If I were Mary Poppins and Matty was Bert and this painting/photograph was chalk art on the ground, would I want him to transport us there?

It works for me. And I absolutely want Mr. Matty Bert to transport us there.

Moving on. We have a few darker stained pieces that we'll be bringing into the space, we'd like to find a nice big rug that ties the room together, Matty desperately wants to get a mid-century coffee table, and I desperately want a big plant that I can't kill. I'm all about the fiddle leaf, but now that everyone has one I'm wondering what other options we have. Finally, we want photos. Lots and lots of photos. 

So. It's a start. It will be interesting to see what changes and what stays (because, disclaimer: Matty has not approved this mood board and may have very strong opinions), but right now it's fun to imagine—and Lord knows I'm a planner.