Our California Home: Blank Space

Our Empty West Hollywood Home

Before I jump into things, I've only just realized that today is the one-year anniversary for ATD! Time flies when you're learning how to be a wife and quitting your job and traveling the world and moving across the country and looking for a new job and starting a new job and paying 6 parking tickets and sleeping on an air mattress that you're really thankful for because you have a place to sleep and also your adoring husband is right there with you.

...aka, having fun.

I'll get around to a more celebratory post here in a bit but TODAY we're taking a look at our new apartment in West Hollywood. If you aren't a fan of self-indulgent posts and/or white space, then this one isn't for you. Matty and I, we practically LIVE in white space.

My parents are bringing a truck of our stuff next week via cross-country road trip (cute, right?) so Matty and I are currently learning how to make chairs out of anything that won't collapse underneath. We snapped a few photos to remind us that "before" is not "forever," and because I wanted to show you guys what we're working with. And (here's the self-indulgent part), solicit some free advice. Let's begin.


The room in the photo above. It's big, it's bright, and the floors creak but we love it. We have a basic plan for this room that I showed you last week, so I feel pretty good about where we are headed. 

Our Empty West Hollywood Home
Our Empty West Hollywood Home


A lemon-lime dream, no?

We're planning on taking the cabinet doors off the hinges above the sink and displaying our pretty things. Beyond that, I got nothing. Here's what I'm wondering:

  • Do rugs work in kitchens? If so, what color?
  • Would you put a backsplash (needs to be temporary) above the kitchen sink?
  • Can I accessorize with colors? Or should we stick to green and yellow accents? 
Our Empty West Hollywood Home


We bought this rug in New Mexico on the way here and it was the first thing we unpacked. We've literally been dreaming about where this rug would live since we bought it.

My mom told me that nook in the corner was for a phone back in the day! I thought it'd be cool to put a vintage phone there but Matty gave me a strange look. Fake plant and a frame, it is.

  • What else could we put on that shelf?
  • Should we hang photos or artwork on the walls?
  • The light fixture is fine but it's plain: any thoughts on a unique hallway fixture?
Our Empty West Hollywood Home


Dear pink bathroom, YOU ARE PERFECT. Especially since I found out that pink is the new neutral these days. We want to keep it bright, so will most likely stick to black and white accessories. Though I've been contemplating some more earthy ideas to make it a little spa-like. I want this room to be coooozy.

  • Can I hang a plant in the shower? I really want to.
  • What's the verdict on white towels? They'd look so good, but are humans really capable of keeping them white? Same question for rugs.
  • We don't need storage but we do need something over the toilet. Ideas?
Our Empty West Hollywood Home
Our Empty West Hollywood Home


It's a good size, I'd guess 14x11. We have a nice closet and are wondering if we should do away with the loooong dresser we have in storage. Actually, I have a lot of questions about this room:

  • Bed below the window. Cool?
  • Do we need curtains?? I want long curtains that span the wall and Matty told me, "I will not allow you to put curtains in here." DIRECT QUOTE. 
  • We're thinking of putting a bench at the end of the bed. Is that an adult thing to do are we maturing I don't know.
  • Dresser. Yay or nay?
  • Maybe we'll be able to make white towels work, but we cannot make white bedding work. Ideas?
  • Yes, those are Matty's childhood stuffed animals. Not a question. Just letting you know.

So there you have it! A big, blank space. I'd honestly love to hear what you'd do if you just moved in. I feel like if this were my friend's place I'd have so many opinions but now that it's ours I have more questions than opinions (clearly). Let me have it!