It's My Birthday & I'm Gonna Get Fat

Me and Baby Daddy

Today is my 32nd birthday! I’m pretty thrilled because 31 was a year of mental and spiritual growth (bye bye, hard stuff) but 32 will be the year of physical growth (hello, easy stuff). That’s right, I’m gonna get fat! 

Becaaaaause Matty gave me the best birthday present in the whole world and put a baby in me.

We're having a kid!

Guys!!! I’m pregnant!!!!! We are having a baby!!!!!!!!

Since you’re all my BFFs, here are all the answers to the questions you might have:

Were you trying?

Yes. And at first it didn’t work. Call it the most naive thought I’ve ever had when I assumed I could “plan” my pregnancy to the month. Honestly, it sorta crushed us at first. Remember all those blogs I wrote that clearly referenced I was having a hard time, all the while being very vague? This was one of those things that attributed to the hard time. Matty and I found a lot of faith in those months and we ended up telling our families so that their faith could make ours stronger. My sister told us that she believed it would happen at a time that would glorify God the most and we really clung to that thought. 

So, imagine our shock when on the morning of Thanksgiving Day...the test finally proved positive. Sis, you were right.

How far along are you?

12 weeks and 3 days! Baby’s tentative due date is July 29th.

How do you feel?

Not bad? The first two weeks I wanted to live in a cocoon. I basically wore one grade above pajamas to work and found out that grocery shopping (MY FAVORITE THING) was my new arch nemesis. Things eased up, though. I found ways to combat the nausea and simply fell asleep between 8:30 and 9 every night instead of trying to push through. Matty helped cook and clean (he’s always been very helpful in the cleaning department), and my sisters sent magical oils to keep me from going to the dark side. Mood swings were a real thing. I definitely yelled at Matty...

But! I never threw up! Now that the worst part is nearly over, I realize that I probably had it pretty easy and for that I’m thankful. 

Do you have a birth plan?

We toured a birthing center. We fell in love. We found out it would cost $7k. We found out insurance would cover exactly $50.00. So we are delivering at Cedars Sinai down the street and I am planning to do this whole thing drug-free. 

Are you staying in LA?

Heck yeah! We’re going to stay in our 1-bedroom apartment, too. I imagine we’ll start looking for a new place between 6 months - 1 year after the baby is born.

Is this blog just gonna be “baby, baby, baby” all the time now? Ugh.

I mean, it’s a possibility, GOSH. But here’s the good news: if our baby is cute, then you’ll enjoy it. If our baby is ugly (and we are blissfully unaware, as are all parents), then you’ll probably enjoy it even more. 

Aren’t your sisters pregnant? Why are there so many babies?!

Yep! My youngest, Rachel, is due in May and our middle sis, Lauren is waiting on her little girl, Zuri. She was due the 14th! My parents are going from 0 to 3 grand babies in 7 months. (You should see the group texts.) This is also the first grand kid on Matty’s side!

Are you going to find out the gender?

Yes. (I’m 95% sure it’s a boy.)

Are you going to tell us?


Do you have names picked out?


Are you going to tell us?


On July 29th. ;)

Anything else?

I’m sure there will be MUCH else. But for now, it’s my bday! And there are (multiple) donuts calling my name. 

Love you guys. A lot.

Me and Baby Daddy