2017 Watercolor Calendar Reveal (& a Happy Surprise)!

Free 2017 Watercolor Calendar Printable | allthedelights.com

It's no secret that I love calendars. I love calendars because I love planning. I love planning because even surprises can be planned if you're an expert and use lots of highlighters. 

*Let a girl dream.*

I also love calendars because it's nice to have something pretty on your wall when you're counting down the days to vacation. They are equally creative and analytical, which is the perfect mix for a colorful list-maker like myself.

For the last 4 out of 5 years, I've created a calendar for the masses. Something between one and a million people (like, 50) purchased and enjoyed these calendars. Last year, I decided to offer the calendar as a printable so that you could purchase and print in an instant. This year will follow in a similar fashion, with one small change. More on that in a sec.

2017 Inspiration.

The first 3 calendars I created were watercolor. Last year I went completely digital and while it was a fun change, 2017 brought me back to the brush. The design is a very simple design one: muted colors with small changes from month to month -- I love it. The dots are cheerful, reminiscent of colorful sunsets, misty mornings, flowers in bloom, and waves washing ashore. A bit of natural peace and calm for your new year. Each month, the previous ones fade away as the current one takes center stage. 

Two Versions.

There are two calendars in this year's set: one that features a page per month and one that lays out the entire year. I find that I like to see the year at a glance at places like my desk and keep the monthly rotation going in the kitchen. Use however suits your needs!

By the month, January:

Free 2017 Watercolor Calendar Printable | allthedelights.com

By the month, June:

Free 2017 Watercolor Calendar Printable | allthedelights.com

By the year:

Free 2017 Watercolor Calendar Printable | allthedelights.com

The Happy Surprise.

For the first time in Brittany White-Chatburn® history, and because heaven knows we all need a little something pretty to fall in our hands, this year both calendars are totally free. 

🙌  !!!

All you need to do is click, save, and print:

A few notes: I recommend you print one page first to check the brightness and contrast of your printer. You may want to make adjustments to your preferences as I've seen subtle differences in color from different printers.

The pages are regular letter size. You can print on the paper you have right now at home or in your office, or you could opt for a heavier weight. I like to print on something weighted between printer paper and cardstock.

When hanging, my favorite option is to use a clipboard so that you can easily switch between months or take it down to make a note, all the while working as a built-in frame that looks nice, especially on a white wall. I've also used bulldog clips in the past, which are just cool. 

Bring on 2017.

Now that I've done my part to fully equip you with a visual representation of all the days of 2017, you can finally get on with your year. Happy planning!