ALL My Children: Here's What's New!

Pregnant over LA

Hi, friends! Things are certainly growing steady over here, despite the quiet updates. Creating a healthy child has become my number one priority, as much as I can control it, so turning down the stress and extra extracurriculars has become rather important. It plays out like this:

1. Do fewer things.
2. Don't feel guilty about doing fewer things.

If you're a human to any degree then you know those two combined efforts are easier said than done. But I've found that drawing a bath and asking Matty for a foot massage generally helps. Also? Remembering this is more about my unborn son than it is me. But of those fewer things, I do have two check-ins that I think are worth sharing :)

The Literal Kid

Baby Boy Chatburn

Baby Boy Chatburn (oh, you thought BBC stood for British Broadcast Channel?) last checked in at the 92nd percentile for sheer largeness, so that's fun.

However, no surprise here! (#bigbabiesruninmyfamily) Other noteworthy things over the last 25 weeks:

  • BBC. He moves quite a bit and sometimes gets really close to my backside. If he ever mouth's off to me I'm gonna tell him he liked to hang around momma's booty to keep him humble.
  • Me. Dropping something feels like the end of the world. Bending over to pick it up feels like a monumental achievement. 
  • Me. I'm convinced my belly button has a mind of its own and secretly desires to split open. Once, I turned it inside out and Matty almost fainted. Super pumped to see how he handles the delivery.
  • Me. My lips look like I've been living in Antartica and my face is dry as the desert. I've only gotten sick 3 times but each time I burst blood vessels in my face and neck, so... #pregnancyglow
  • Us. I  was laying in bed and about to roll over to sleep when I felt him kick for the first time. We were 18 weeks along and I'd assumed I wouldn't feel him until later, so this came as a big surprise. I yelped and Matty looked at me, worried. And then he moved again, confirming his little presence. I told Matty and then the tears fell voluntarily...I honestly haven't been the same person since that moment.
  • Matty. He waited and waited to feel his son move and then finally, he felt the kicks. It was the night of our 2nd anniversary...thanks, kid.

Also, if you've sent us a gift then Matty has already put it together and decided where it will go. (This includes piecing together outfits and "holding" them. IT'S SO SWEET.)


The Figurative Kid

Love + Sunshine ATD Designs

A few months ago I posted a few questions to my friends and family on Facebook and they basically went something like this:

a) "Hey, I'm thinking of starting some branding + web design projects on the side. Should I do it?" (Which resulted in positive feedback because sometimes people can be GREAT.)

b) "Hey, I'm going to start doing branding + web design on the side. Who's willing to give me a chance?"

To my surprise, I received messages and emails from friends who were doing some incredible things. Women who had a vision of what they wanted their new business/venture/blog to look like, but just needed a little help. It was so fun to catch up with people I hadn't talked to in years and find out the creative projects they dreamed of launching.

Guys, I had a tiny inkling that might be the case but was totally overwhelmed by all the really unique and fun things my Facebook friends had up their sleeves: a branded course to teach stylists how to *perfectly* cut curly hair, a successful niche business for women who freakin' love embroidery, a hub for women in certain areas of business to bond and collaborate, personalized travel, budding food bloggers, and more!

A few of these people decided to take a chance on me and I'm so thrilled to say that we're rolling out the first brand + website this week! I'll be sharing more details once everything goes live and I'm so thrilled about where this is all headed, so stay tuned.

Those are my high-level "fewer things" lately. So, what do you think: is it better to do fewer things but with greater focus? Is that actually possible? And if so, is it possible to do those things without guilt or, for lack of a better term, FOMO? 

Would love to hear your thoughts, friends. And let me know about your fewer things while you're at it :)