February Journal Prompts

I initially wrote this prompt to encourage a rundown of things that make me feel amazing. However, the more I get to recognize myself, the more I realize that the absolute exceptional thing I can do to make myself good about who I am is to offer myself elegance. Since some of the time, in the event that I don’t meet my own standards, I feel like a disappointment. But in reality, it matters how long I am pursuing being better; I am really content with how were and who I am. It’s as simple as that.

While January was centered on objectives and perspectives in the New Year, February is quite about affection and love. The prompts were composed with that “how would I carve out an opportunity for this” way of life as a main priority. Many feel more like interview inquiries with the purpose of both urges and to catch a depiction of this period in time. I am anticipating writing on affection from various points and that basic journey of responding to an inquiry: from uncertain to a surprise, the surprise to understanding, and from understanding to significant truth. Get the prompts beneath or print out the bookmark; we should get to it ASAP.

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I live in Los Angeles with my better half, Dave, and our child, Corey. Each second with them is the acknowledgment of my fantasies working out as expected — and for that? I am so extremely thankful. Hi! I am Diana Rodriguez, the founder, author, and photographer of ATD.

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