Disneyland and a Disposable Camera (and Thoughts on 33)

Last month I turned 33. Matty, my husband surprised me with a tour of Disneyland; it was my first time in Disneyland! I thought we were going through the day at Laguna Beach; thus, I truly had no idea; as soon as the expressway exit drew closer, Matty smiled at me, saying hello, babe!

He had a disposable camera close by; thus, we chose to capture the day as our forefathers would have done it. We snapped photographs, let the camera sit in our car to get the time until we tracked down a spot to develop it, and afterward, we got the genuine, printed pictures. Might you remember trying to recollect the energy of snapping a photo and not knowing how it ended up, holding up half a month, and afterward remembering your memories not too far off on ink and paper? It was so fun! It helped me to remember when I was more youthful, which might have been Matty’s ploy from the beginning…

Disneyland + a disposable camera = I’M YOUNG AGAIN

Less than 5 of the photographs did not end up. The pictures that did turn out seem pure gold.

“It’s a small world” was Avery’s first and most loved ride! He adored all the music, lights, and animatronic puppets. We adored observing the entire marvel all over. Individuals discuss what you gain from your kids, things called “fun ages,” and the delight of watching your kid figure out ideas. It never truly soaked in for me the sheer delight of watching your kid take in new things. It resembles figuring out one of your closest friends has never seen Harry Potter, and you are thinking: you don’t have the idea about the delight that anticipates you…that feeling.

Each. Single. Day.

To The Beach

My birthday celebrations sustained one more day at Manhattan Beach. We had coffee and went on a walk to the pier, finishing off the roll of the film along the way. It was a beautiful, tension-free afternoon.

On Turning 33

You are as old as you feel, isn’t that so?

It was a simple mantra back in my 20s. I felt young; I was youthful. Age was never an issue for me until I turned 30, and I was unexpectedly confronted with many fears that I never realized I held onto.

Some way or another, I feel more myself and more youthful now, turning 33, than at that point I did at 30. I’ve expressed it previously; however, becoming a mother is my outright most loved form of myself up to this point. I feel comfortable here. I have never been less aware of my actual body. I can recall how focused I was on the state of my body from such a young age and how it took my consideration for countless years. It turned into my main focus: look better, and I’ll feel improved.

Probably not!

I have stretch marks. My body has brought forth a ten-lb child. It does strange things here and there. Also, I love it. It is able and solid, regardless of whether I lose all my muscle at the 0-9 month level. My body feeds my child, and I rest easier thinking about it than I at any point have.

I have been pondering what my future self would agree with me at this time. It’s interesting to write a letter to your younger self that must include:

Put forth your objectives, yes. Be wise in selecting your goals. The aim isn’t the thing. The time you have is the thing. You have to experience your’ every minute with pure love. If you are playing with your kids, be there. If you are chatting with your husband, be there. Spread Love. Express the pleasant things that enter your thoughts. Be caring to the people around you as the world needs it.

Quit stressing over money. Make things with your hands. Sing, Play, and Have a good time!


I live in Los Angeles with my better half, Dave, and our child, Corey. Each second with them is the acknowledgment of my fantasies working out as expected — and for that? I am so extremely thankful. Hi! I am Diana Rodriguez, the founder, author, and photographer of ATD.

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