Kombucha Phase 2: True Brews

How to Make Kombucha

If you're following along with #ATDbrewparty then your SCOBY is coming along nicely by now. It smells nice and vinegary, has smoothed itself out on top, and it's at least a quarter of an inch thick. Aren't you proud of your little SCOBY child? Isn't fermentation disgustingly fun?!

Good news: we're about to depart a bit from the "disgusting" and head on toward the "fun" with phase 2. Why's that? Because even though we're essentially repeating most of the steps from phase 1, this time we're making the first batch of this drinkable potion. This one counts, folks. 

The hardest part is over, so let's just get along with phase 2, shall we? It's short and simple. (And if you haven't purchased your bottles yet, now is a good time to do so!)

How to Brew Kombucha Tea


14 cups water (3.5 quarts)
1 cup sugar
8 bags black tea, green tea, or a mix
2 cups starter tea from last batch of kombucha (for this first batch, use the tea from your SCOBY tea)
1 SCOBY (if you're just joining us, here's how to make it, or you can purchase one online)

Note: I always find it helpful to read through the entire process before getting started!

1. Make your sweet tea. Boil the water and stir sugar to dissolve. Brew with tea bags until the water has cooled. (I normally start the process in the morning while I'm making coffee and come back to it later in the day.)

2. Wash your hands and remove your SCOBY from the jar. Place it on a clean plate, careful not to touch any metal as this will weaken the SCOBY over time. Reserve 2 cups of the starter tea and discard the rest.

3. Pour cooled tea in to your clean, gallon size jar. Add the 2 cups of starter tea and stir. 

4. SCOBY time! Slide the SCOBY gently into the jar and cover with paper towels, secured by a rubber band. (If your kombucha looks like a character from Veggie Tales, you're doing something right.)

5. For the next 7-10 days, wait and watch! Place the jar in an area where it won't get jostled and out of direct sunlight. Note: Your SCOBY will continue to grow at this point. You'll see a fresh layer form on the top! For every fresh batch, peel off the bottom (oldest) layer. Toss it or give it to a friend who wants to brew their own kombucha, too!

brew your own kombucha with All the Delights


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One step closer! The final phase will be posted one week from today so that you can move on at any point from day 7 onwards. It's the bottling and flavor phase...the best one of all. I'll be sharing some fun flavor options and tips to get the most out of your carbonation time. Isn't life so great that we get to be excited about making weird fermented drinks in our closet?! 

Note: I suggest you read this article from The Kitchn if you're interested in the science behind the SCOBY and kombucha tea.

Disclaimer: If you purchase any item from the affiliate links in this article, I'll get a little moola. And every single cent of it will go toward paying off our debt so that one day we can buy a house!