April! Journal Prompts & Vision Board

Spring Vision Board

A Vision for Spring

Have you ever created a vision board? I've made mood boards for freelance clients and for my own website, but never for my own personal goals. I'm definitely a list girl (it's the only way I can keep up with bullet journaling; lists took the place of drawings and colors). But this visual exercise is refreshing and so freakin' fun! Plus, it gives me a place to put all those pretty things I've been pinning besides, ya know...Pinterest.

I decided to make this mood board to keep me inspired for the things I hope to do and see in the remaining spring months. I think it's nice to look at, but it's also practical. So, let's break it down!

  • Lemons | Because A) I used to drink lemon water every morning (remember this post?) but mornings these days are not as quiet as they once were. If I can't get a cup in the morning then I'm adding lemon essential oil to my water! and B) I really want to make these paleo lemon poppyseed muffins!
  • Laguna Beach | We keep talking about doing a day trip but then plans change. I'm determined to make it down the coast this season!
  • Read + Write | I'm forever on a journey to write more often. Both reading and writing for pleasure are pretty far down on my list of priorities, so I'd love to actively make for time for them.
  • A Grateful Heart | ...and I'm forever on a journey to cultivate thankfulness in my daily life. Which is why I'm mixing up the journal prompts this month! (More on that below!)
  • Classic Fashion | I bought a pair of cropped black pants, so I'm channeling my inner Hepburn. 
  • Spring Cleaning | Have you guys seen my spring cleaning stories on Instagram?! Ha! I started strong, then got behind. Alas, there is still time and my house is still dirty. Also, I dream of an organized pantry, so I'm definitely a 30-something. Here's the spring cleaning plan I've been following. I love how practical and helpful it is, unlike so many self-proclaimed helpful lists on the internet.
  • Hiking | This is, by far, Matty and I's favorite way to exercise together. More of this!
  • Papaya | I HAVE NEVER BOUGHT A PAPAYA. I've been thinking of buying one and eating it. I think Spring 2018 is the time to do it.

April Journal Prompts

This month's journal prompts are not at all like Jan, Feb, or March's. Instead, it's a little bit of a throw back mixed with a little bit of a new idea! One of the first posts I ever shared was a look into my "10 Things I Love Right Now" journal. That journal is currently on a shelf in my unorganized closet (#springcleaning come quick).

I know that I started the journal prompts in effort to put pen to paper more often, but I couldn't help but get on board with the IG story trend. It's SO fun, and I think we, as an ATD community, could use it to add a dose of happiness to the internet.

I plan on writing a list of 10 things I'm thankful for at least once a week this month. And for the moments when I'd rather search for GIFs on Instagram, there's this story template. 

This is my challenge to you this April: remember the things you're thankful for. Write them down, share them, or both! Save the template to your phone and have some fun. I'd love to see what you're thankful for, so tag me at @allthedelightsblog when you share!