Parenthood Vol. 2: Baby Fever

Mother's Day

Let's all take a moment and reflect on the goodness of chubby ankles.

Hi, folks! It's been a good month here in Los Angeles for the Chatburn crew. We're looking forward to summer and a little staycation here with my parents come next month. Beach, food, exploring—it's going to be good.

Our journey into parenthood continued on as Avery developed his first fever and subsequent rash (Roseola: not as pretty as it sounds), but we soldiered on past the anxiety. Rather enjoyed all his long naps in the end, but we were all happy when Avery's silly personality returned. Nothing like being sick for 7 days to realize your tiny little baby already has a personality. It really is a joy, being human.

Here's a look at a few recent YAY and OH CRAP moments, sandwiched between photos from my first Mother's Day at our favorite park overlooking the beach. Matty and I'd just consumed donuts, naturally, and little did we know the sheer joy we'd all soon experience when Avery met his first dog. (We're in trouble.)

Avery Walking 9 Months

Avery Colin Douglas Chatburn, walking at 9 months.

Mother's Day in Pacific Palisades

Sort of.

Mother's Day in Pacific Palisades


  • Bedroom, meet living room. Matty and I have officially been kicked out. After complaining about our sleep situation in the last installment, we bit the bullet and moved our bed into the living room. I call it The Studio, while Avery has The Wing in the back. Guess what...WE LOVE IT. Avery is sleeping 10-12 hours and no longer wakes up at night. I fall asleep on the couch watching Game of Thrones and only have to walk 2 paces to snuggle into bed. For this reason (and several more) our entire family is rested and happy!
  • NAPS. I never thought I'd say this, but Avery is putting himself to sleep for naps. When he was sick I barely even had to try to get him to sleep. He'd lay down and boom...out. I've always known he could do it (he does it at bedtime), but this gave me the courage I needed to 1) notice when he's tired and 2) let him fall asleep. For us, that means crying for 5-30 minutes. Normally it's on the low end. If it's on the high end, I can let him go that long because I know that I know that I know he's tired. He's finally taking 2 naps a day at semi-regular times and I think we'll get to the point where he doesn't even cry.
Mother's Day in Pacific Palisades

A woman walked by with her elderly dog and Avery squealed. She said, "He's good with kids. Want to pet him?" I was sitting on a blanket with the camera and captured the greatest moment of Avery's young life. Remind me, again, how hard is it to have a puppy and a baby...?

Mother's Day in Pacific Palisades
Mother's Day in Pacific Palisades
Mother's Day in Pacific Palisades


  • Baby boy clothes. I know that men have the upper hand on a lot of things in society but when it comes to baby clothes, THE GIRLS RULE. There are cute little girls clothes around every corner, and plenty of them, but you have to hunt down the good stuff for the boys. And even if it's semi-cute? It's probably got a dang whale on it. (And I like whales.) 
  • Pumping. I was never crazy about pumping, but I had a nice routine there for awhile. Now, the only time I can produce milk is early in the morning before Avery wakes up. I'm just not producing as much, which is normal now that there are no night feedings and he's getting older. It's a strange transition, though, and I think I'll miss this season once it's gone. (Cue a different kind of baby fever.)
Mother's Day in Pacific Palisades
Mother's Day in Pacific Palisades
Mother's Day in Pacific Palisades


  • Pork chops. HOLD ON HOLD ON...hear me out. Matty has taken a huge interest in cooking which has been super fun. He's even doing the grocery shopping and one day he came home with pork chops. I'm really not a fan—they're chewy and tough. I'd rather just have chicken. However, I did some googling and found this article which changed the game. It occurred to me that I've been eating overcooked pork chops all my life. I was so unsure when the meat thermometer beeped after 4 minutes in the oven but when I took that first bite angels sang, I tell you. Brine them. Cook them quick. Thank me later.
  • Spinach banana pancakes. This one's for Avery and he can't eat them fast enough! Here's the base: 1 banana + 2 eggs. Blend them together and cook them by 1.5 TBs of batter, low + slow in an oiled pan. Once I knew Avery liked them I added frozen spinach, cinnamon, chia seeds, and flax seeds to the mix. 
Mother's Day in Pacific Palisades

I loved reading your comments last go around! So tell me: what's working/not working for you these days? Share your below!