May! Journal Prompts & Vision Board

May 2018 Personal Vision Board

April Vision Board

I really loved creating a personal vision board last month so I'm just gonna keep running with it, cool? I love doing something productive with all that Pinterest energy and it's so fun to put a visual to the month. Did everything come to fruition?'s a quick check in: 

I still need to: make lemon poppyseed muffins (but these chocolate chip cookies more than make up for it), go to Laguna, finish spring cleaning (Lord, help.)

However, I did: read + write more, buy a papaya (eh for me, but Avery LOVED it), went on a hike, felt very grateful!

Here's the breakdown for May:

  • Spend a day at the Getty Villa | I've been there once and I fell in love with the villa, taking in the Greek art while overlooking the ocean. I want to go back by myself with a journal and soak up all that inspiration.
  • Go the the Library | When I was a kid, I loved going to the library. Then I was a nanny, and library days were my favorite. When we moved to West Hollywood, I scoped out our library's kid zone before I was even pregnant. They have a baby reading time and I'm determined to take Avery/fulfill my dreams.
  • Learn to Thrift | There are so many ethical brands that I'd love to shop from, but they ain't cheap. (And for good reason.) I know that the thriftiest way to shop ethically is to...thrift! But I'm just no good at the hunt and I always give up too soon. 
  • Update ATD | I love this photo of me twirling in a field right before I fell on my face. Accurate portrayal of me, actually, it's just a little outdated. I'm hoping to update a few pages of my site that you probably don't care about but that bother me immensely. I also want to add my design portfolio under ATD Design! Where will I find the time, you ask? Just dreamin' big, here.
  • Mother's Day | It's my first Mother's Day in the trenches! And I asked Matty if my gift could be a day at the Getty Villa :)

May Journal Prompts

I had a lot of fun with this Instagram story template last month, so let's just keep it going! I'm hoping to get back to pen and paper soon, but trying to not be too hard on myself, here. #10things it is!

Here's how to use the template:

  1. Save it to your phone.
  2. Pull it up in Instagram stories.
  3. Fill in the boxes with 10 things you're thankful for! Use text or's all fun!


  1. Pull out a piece of paper and make a list of 10 things your thankful for right in this moment. 

Nothing a bit of mindful thankfulness won't cure, after all. Make it a daily thing or a weekly thing or even a monthly thing. You do you.

Instagram Story Template