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What Happened When I Stopped Fighting My Creative Rut

It happens slowly, and then all at once. 

I'm not talking about love, although I have found that statement to be true, I'm talking about something much less appealing: the creative burn-out. When the ideas dry up. When the sheer joy of doing your craft morphs into a burden. When a blank page looks more like a void and less like an opportunity.

I've been battling a creative drought recently and I gotta be honest, I'm tired of beating myself up about it. I'm tired of wondering HOW ON GOD'S GREEN EARTH could I lose inspiration at a time in my life when everything is new and yet to be uncovered. I'm tired of thinking that it's my own fault, if only I had the willpower to DO the work then the inspiration would return to me like an energetic little puppy. And maybe there is some truth in the thought but if there is, why does it make me feel so...bad? Guilt is not a good foundation for inspiration, this I know.

For the last few weeks, I decided to loosen my grip a little bit and just ride the wave. I opened my mind, and my time, to simply wandering. Some days I "wandered" over to Netflix and Gilmore Girls, but other days I'd feel a tingle of excitement over a new project. And so instead of saying, "No, I need to write, not do that other thing," I allowed myself to just say yes and see what happened. I hope you've been okay with that.

In the process, I've found quite a few things that are slowly waking up my creative spirit again. These are simple ideas, really, and perhaps not anything new to you. I've seen several blog posts and articles discussing this idea of a creative slump and how to fix it, but it wasn't so much the content as it was the timing, for me. If you're not in a creative rut, run and look the other way! Keep doing what you're doing! Live in that glorious space and all its magical delights! 

But if you are in a slump, I hope this meets you at a time when you most need it. I'm not writing this just to create some more content and stay relevant so that, God-forbid, you forget me and never like another Instagram post. I'm writing it because it's very real to me right now. And if I've learned anything from ATD, it's that the real moments in my life are the ones that speak the loudest in yours. 

Here are a few things I've done in the last two weeks to free up my imagination to create again:

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Let's Talk About FAT, Baby (But Really: Is Fat Healthy?)

A few days ago as I was eating my homemade meatloaf with a side of avocado at my desk, I heard something that stopped me in my chewing tracks.

“Olive oil and coconut oil are not healthy. Sugar is better for your brain.”

Without pausing to think, I word vomit-ed, “SUGAR IS CANCER!” thus thrusting myself into a lovely debate about the benefits of healthy fats. I wanted so badly to speak the truth, to stake my claim, to explain how sugar caused me years of struggle and how eliminating sugar led to my own personal victory dance. I threw out lines like, “Fat gives you energy!” (“Carbohydrates give you energy.”) and, “Burning fat for energy instead of sugar causes you to lose weight!” (“Eating no fat causes you to lose weight.”) and so on.

I believe so strongly in the way that I eat because it has changed my life and my health. But honestly, it’s been four years since I’ve done the research, read the books, taken notes—I’ve forgotten the many important values. I’ve forgotten the “why.” And, to be fair, we don’t all need to be walking encyclopedias. Matty knows that eating a diet rich in high-quality proteins, vegetables, and healthy fats cause his autoimmune deficiencies to calm down. That’s all he needs to know. I know that it keeps me from letting emotional eating take control and gives me energy. But lately, I’ve been wanting to dive a little deeper into the “why” [so I can win debates] so I can mix a little education into my beliefs.

Which is why I just spent the last two hours reading everything I can find about fat. How did you spend your holiday weekend?????

I hope you don’t mind if I share with you some of my findings. I’ll try to make this as un-sciency as possible, but no promises. I’ve looked at both sides of the story (namely, a paleo perspective vs. a vegan perspective), and I was surprised to find that if these guys would just broaden their focus, they might find they agree more than they disagree.

Stay with me—it’ll be fun! Promise.

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