Our Summer 2018: A Recap

under the Manhattan Beach pier

It's been a fun summer at home in Los Angeles for our family! I decided to take a break from ATD for the summer to focus more on making the memories and just let my eyes + heart wander a bit more. It was refreshing and sweet—who wants to spend summer on their computers anyway? Here's a few memories + life updates from the Chatburn crew:

Beginning with summer of 2017. I was large and irritable—it almost feels as if I skipped the entire season since I couldn't fully enjoy it! At the time I thought I handled a summer pregnancy well, but now I realized how miserable I really was. You just don't feel like doing anything when it's over 100 degrees out and sharp pains attack your nether regions every time you take a step. 

Not only was I not pregnant this summer, but my adorable prize following last year's "challenge" was along for the ride. Avery's first summer! We think he likes it. The beach was his playground and he's loving it more with every visit. He could spend hours playing in the sand and he's still a little wary of the water (to his father's dismay), but I think that's just fine. He nuzzles his little head into my shoulder and we'll watch the waves crash until he's comfortable enough to dip his feet. My heart breaks and bursts a little bit every time.

Matty and I discovered a farmers market a few blocks from our apartment! We tried to go every week and were very open to expanding our palettes and cooking styles this summer, thanks in part to Matty's newfound passion for food. He's become quite the cook—he even got a grill for Father's Day, so he's a real dad now! Avery loved all the free samples and grew particularly fond of Greek yogurt. (Same.)

My parents came for a long visit and we stayed with them at an Airbnb in Play del Rey. It was Matty's and my first foray into "vacation" as parents. I've still only completed one book this entire year, if that gives you any indication of how much we got to relax. (My tan, though? Killer.) But it was a sweet time with Grandma and Papa D! The last time Avery was around them he was 3 months old, so I was happy to see him take to them immediately. From the first hello it was all smiles and giggles! We went to Disneyland—a first for my mom! Avery was just starting to understand Mickey at the time, so that sighting was the cutest. 

Avery turned one August 8 and we celebrated with friends over cheese plates, cupcakes, pizza, beer, and Cards Against Humanity. Son, your first birthday was bomb. (You had fun, too—I promise!)

Beyond that we frequented a few favorite cafés, made friends at the park, and spent Sundays serving at our local church. Matty started a new job that's both challenging and rewarding. I'm still working from home and taking care of Avery, which is also challenging and rewarding. 

And finally, we are moving out of our first Los Angeles apartment in less than two weeks. We had been keeping our eye out for places that offered a little more room and were closer to the ocean. Finances were holding us back but with Matty's new job and my growing frustrations, things were destined to change. It's bittersweet because ALL THE MEMORIES, but something new is on the horizon for us.

I'll share more about the move soon! For now, here's a little peek into our first summer as mom and dad...I have a feeling it just gets sweeter from here.


I'd love to hear your favorite summer memory! Leave a comment here or come say hi on Instagram and let's catch up :)