Healthy + Easy: Fruit and Nut Breakfast Bowls

Low-calorie and high fiber fruits plus healthy fats in the nuts make a perfect bowl for breakfast. A while ago, I found an article in Bon Appétit Magazine about a farming family and how they made healthy feasts part of their everyday life. There were many dreamy situations where fresh ingredients were pulled from the nursery or the chicken coop. I was astonished by a photograph of the “cereals” their kids ate — surely nothing poured from a box (how imaginative it is) yet a colorful cluster of soil products, including fruits and nuts.

Now, it’s an obvious fact that Bon Appétit Magazine can make pretty much anything look tempting; however, I was captivated and needed to make this delicious breakfast for myself. And I have to tell you people, it’s really amazing!
Thus, I don’t figure you could call it a recipe, and I certainly will not take credit for the thought. However, I have been stirring up various kinds of bowls lately to test the theories: can a combination of new + dried fruits and roasted nuts truly fill the Golden-Graham-shaped hole in my heart?
The answer is that I am actually eating them and do not anticipate stopping at any point in the near future.
The following are three of my favorite breakfast bowls (having fruits and nuts); however, here’s the gist: consistently start with about a third a cup of roasted nuts, blend in with up to some fruits, dot with something chewy, and top with just the right amount of additional twist. I pour unsweetened almond milk over my dishes as my personal choice. You can add anything that you like for an additional twist in place of almond milk.


1 banana
1/3 C roasted almonds (or mixed nuts)
2 dried apricots, chopped
2 TB dried pineapple
1/4 C coconut chips
Optional: finish with a sprinkle of turmeric

Breakfast Bowl


1/2 C mixed berries
1/3 C roasted nuts
Drizzle with honey

Fruit And nuts


1 chopped apple
2 dried figs, chopped
2 TB dried cranberries
15 pistachios
1/3 C roasted nuts
Sprinkle with cinnamon
Also yummy with blackberries!

Fruit and Nuts Bowl



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