March Journal Prompts

Byron Bay Morning

Hi friends! Just popping in for those of you following the monthly journal prompts — how's it going? Personally, I got behind in February. I started strong and know..."LIFE." It's insane how we get too busy (my least favorite word) to take even 10 minutes for ourselves. But I guarantee you I spent at least 10 minutes scrolling Instagram each day, so there's that. I don't want to harp on myself here, but there is something to be said about accountability and holding ourselves to a standard. March, you're a new month and there is a freshness about you that I'm ready to revel in! 

Last month I shared one of my favorite entries for the month prior. This time around, I thought I'd share some inspiring things I've read or seen lately around the internet. If you've got something to add to the list, leave me a comment! I'm working on a post about using the internet for a happy life, and these are a few links helping me understand that yes, it's possible:

How I Got My Attention Back via Wired
The Boys Are Not Alright via The New York Times (decidedly not happy but touches on a lot of the things I feel about raising a son in our current times)
Guide to At Home Peels via Camille Styles (currently having a skin crisis, anyone else?)

In terms of the journal prompts, I'm leaning more and more toward interview-type questions. I'd love to write every day for the sake of improving my writing, but lately, I view this more as an opportunity to just sit down with myself and say — hey, self: how do you feel about this? So go grab a journal, or a piece of scratch paper, or a fresh document, and check in with that girl. You might be surprised at what she has to say.

ATD Journal Prompts - March