March Journal Prompts

Hey Friends! Just appearing for those following the monthly journal prompts, so how’s it going, everybody? As far as my part is concerned, I got back in February, I began passionately but then you know…. Life and its never-ending dramas! It’s crazy how we get excessively busy (my least favorite word) to take even 10 minutes for ourselves. However, I guarantee you I spent a minimum of 10 minutes scrolling Instagram every day, so there may be that. I would rather not harp on myself here, yet something is to be said about responsibility and accountability for ourselves. So, March is another month, and there is newness about this month that I am geared up to enjoy.

Last month I shared one of my number one eateries for the month earlier. This time around, I thought I would share a few motivating things I have perused or seen recently around the web. If you have something to add to the list, leave me a comment! I am dealing with a post about involving the internet for a blissful life, and these are a couple of connections assisting me with believing that, indeed, it’s possible.

How I Got My Attention Back using Wired

The Boys Are Not Alright through The New York Times (determinedly not cheerful yet addresses a ton of the things I feel about bringing a child up in our present situations)

Guide to At Home Peels using Camille Styles (as of now, having a skin crisis, any other person?)

Regarding the journal prompts, I am inclining more toward interview-type questions. I would love to write consistently to work on my writing, but lately, I view this more as a fantastic chance to simply sit down with myself and say — hello, self: what is your opinion about this? So go get a journal, or a piece of scratch paper, or a new record, and check in with that young lady. You may be astounded at what she needs to say. Want to try? Click the link below to download your march prompts.

Down March Prompt


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