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Newport Beach & Costa Mesa

Matty normally works weekends and while we're thankful to have evenings during the week at home, we notice when months go by and we haven't had a full day off together. So when he told me that he asked for a weekend off in July, I got right to planning. There is so much of California we've yet to see and it's all within a short drive from our home.

Through a series of coupons, Groupons, and discounts, I managed to get us tickets aboard a whale watching boat for $15 total. Eager to get on with the weekend, we didn't even mind waking up at 4:30 AM on a Saturday to drive an hour south to Newport Beach. We rather enjoy watching the sunrise together (it's a tradition every time we go to Australia); there is just no part of the day as magical as when the sky wakes up.

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Around Town With Mom & Dad

A few weeks ago my parents followed the same cross-country journey that brought Matty and me from Texas to LA. They graciously packed up our belongings in a moving truck, hauled our family van as a gift, and spent over half a day stranded in the California desert when a tire burst. Somehow, they were still in good spirits when they arrived after their 3-day adventure, and even managed to muster up the strength to carry all our things up to the apartment, before driving 20 minutes away to find a parking spot that cost less than $50 for the two vehicles, as the storage company was no help at all.

As they say, the adventure doesn't happen until something goes wrong!

Matty and I were so thankful to have them here and not once did they complain about sleeping on an air mattress amidst piles of boxes. We high-tailed it away from unpacking responsibilities and went exploring, from The Getty Villa, to Malibu, to hiking up to the Griffith, and finally the James Corden Show. 

Here are a few photos we snapped over the weekend:

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