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How to Let Pinterest Inspire (and Not Sabatoge) Wedding Planning

Before I started planning a wedding I thought I knew the kinds of things I'd want. Flowers everywhere! An ancient castle! An orchestra! All the appetizers! Flowers! But when the day came and suddenly I had a very real budget and a very real timeline, I had to get my head in the game. Castles don't come cheap, after all. 

Enter Pinterest, the internet's latest greatest toe-line between time-suck and idea-factory. The visual dynamic is obviously appealing, along with the how-to's, how-to-not's, and endless possibilities for everything from wedding cakes to manicures. Personally, I've always been very determined to use Pinterest as a resource and not just a time-filler, but it can easily have adverse effects if you let it. 

So, in efforts to avoid wasting time, being jealous of brides in castles, and getting completely overwhelmed with flower choices, here's how to get the best out of Pinterest while you're planning a wedding:

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