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Our California Home: Blank Space

Before I jump into things, I've only just realized that today is the one-year anniversary for ATD! Time flies when you're learning how to be a wife and quitting your job and traveling the world and moving across the country and looking for a new job and starting a new job and paying 6 parking tickets and sleeping on an air mattress that you're really thankful for because you have a place to sleep and also your adoring husband is right there with you.

...aka, having fun.

I'll get around to a more celebratory post here in a bit but TODAY we're taking a look at our new apartment in West Hollywood. If you aren't a fan of self-indulgent posts and/or white space, then this one isn't for you. Matty and I, we practically LIVE in white space.

My parents are bringing a truck of our stuff next week via cross-country road trip (cute, right?) so Matty and I are currently learning how to make chairs out of anything that won't collapse underneath. We snapped a few photos to remind us that "before" is not "forever," and because I wanted to show you guys what we're working with. And (here's the self-indulgent part), solicit some free advice. Let's begin.

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Our California Home: Living Room Inspiration

Guys guys guys guess what. WE HAVE A PLACE TO LIVE. In the last 48 hours nothing has consumed my mind more than this lovely place that we will get to call our home for hopefully a nice, loooong time. We are ready to invest in a place and make it ours with the knowledge that we'll stay longer than 12 months. Our first apartment together in Austin was an absolutely perfect beginning, but this place? It's a dream of a blank canvas. Big, bright windows. Hardwood floors. Funky green, yellow, and pink tile. Natural light in every room, including the kitchen and the bathroom. It's true California charm and though we'll move in next Saturday with only the few things we packed in our car 2 months ago, Matty and I can't stop talking about furniture, photographs, rugs, and developing new recipes in that kitchen. Mmk that last one is all me, but everyone benefits.

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