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3 Easy Recipe Equations for When You’re on the Hustle

They say write what you know and this, my friends, is what I know.

For the last 3 months Matty and I have been hopping around sublets, friend's houses and parent's houses. In two weeks we are finally moving into our first apartment here in LA (YAY THE HEAVENS HAVE OPENED), but I think we've learned quite a bit these last few months.

Honestly, I was pretty unnerved to leave Austin knowing that we wouldn't have a home to ourselves for awhile. Making a home was very important to me. It was part of my identity as a person and as a wife. I won't lie about it, I had a few break downs along the way. It was hard to get a grip on the things I knew when everything around me was so unfamiliar. Which led to the question: What does home mean to me, really?

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