Is There A KitchenAid Can Opener Attachment?

Yes. There is a KitchenAid can opener attachment you can connect with your KitchenAid Mixer, but it is no longer produced. It was discontinued in 2016. KitchenAid doesn’t specify the reason behind discontinuing it, but the most obvious is the lack of demand.

Moreover, the attachment wasn’t too durable. It was made from cheap parts, and most reviews are negative.

Where can I Find KitchenAid Can Opener Attachment?

You can find a second-hand KitchenAid can opener attachment on eBay. The average price is around $150, but you may find a cheaper one. However, ensure that the attachment you buy is compatible with your model.

Where can I Find KitchenAid Can Opener Attachment

Convenient and Quick Ways to Open Food Cans

Standard Manual Can Opener

These are the most common and straightforward to use. To use a standard manual can opener, place the cutting wheel over the rim of the can, then squeeze the handles together, which pierces the can. You then turn the knob, which rotates the cutting wheel around the edge of the can.

Butterfly Can Opener

These openers are small and portable, making them ideal for camping trips. To use, you must align the opener’s wheel with the edge of the can, then twist the handle to cut around the lid.

Safety Can Opener

These openers can work differently from traditional ones. Instead of cutting into the lid, they break the seal between it and the can. This leaves no sharp edges, and the lid can even be replaced on the can.

Safety Can Opener

Electric Can Opener

Electric can openers are convenient for those who prefer a hands-free approach or have difficulty operating manual openers. To use, you align the can under the cutting mechanism, press the lever or button to engage the opener, and the device does the rest. Some electric can openers can even open various can sizes, and some models have automatic stop features.

Under-Cabinet Can Openers

These electric can openers are installed under a kitchen cabinet. They save counter space and stay out of sight when not in use. The operation is similar to other electric openers.

Under-Cabinet Can Openers

Side-cutting Can Openers

These can be either manual or electric. Instead of cutting into the top of the can, they cut around the side, leaving a smoother edge that’s safer to handle.

Multi-tool or Swiss Army Knife

If you’re camping or need to open a can in a pinch, a multi-tool or Swiss Army knife often has a can opener attachment. This method requires a bit more effort, but it’s effective.

Remember to wash the can opener after each use to avoid cross-contamination and ensure the longevity of your tool. Also, washing the top of the can before opening is good practice, as dust or other contaminants may have settled on it.


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