Is Wendy’s Frosty Dairy Free? Wendy’s Dairy-Free Menu

Wendy’s Frosty is not dairy-free. It is made with milk as a primary ingredient, so it’s unsuitable for those with lactose intolerance, a milk allergy, or individuals who follow a vegan or dairy-free diet.

Wendy's Frosty

Wendy’s Chocolate Frosty Ingredients

Milk, Sugar, Corn Syrup, Cream, Whey, Nonfat Dry Milk, Cocoa (Processed With Alkali), Guar Gum, Mono And Diglycerides, Cellulose Gum, Natural Vanilla Flavor, Carrageenan, Calcium Sulfate, Sodium Citrate, Dextrose, Vitamin A Palmitate.

Wendy’s menu page mentions that its frosty contains milk for all its locations in the United States. Moreover, its Alaska and Hawaii branches contain soy too.

Now that Wendy’s Frosty contains milk, vegans, and people on a dairy-free diet cannot eat it.

Let’s check out some famous restaurants in the US that offer dairy-free frosting by default, or you can get it dairy-free by substituting regular milk with plant-based milk.

Wendy’s Chocolate Frosty Ingredients

Restaurants that offer Dairy-Free Frosty

Ben & Jerry’s

This iconic ice cream shop is known for its innovative and fun flavors. They now offer a range of dairy-free flavors made with almond milk, suitable for vegans and those avoiding dairy. They also offer shakes that can be made with these dairy-free options.

Baskin Robbins

This popular ice cream chain has recently offered dairy-free and vegan options. They typically have at least one or two dairy-free flavors made with almond or coconut milk, which can be used to make a shake or a similar frosty treat.

Cold Stone Creamery

Cold Stone is famous for mixing ice creams with various mix-ins on a frozen granite stone. They have recently added dairy-free options to their menu, made with a soy base.

Dairy Queen

Despite its name, Dairy Queen has begun offering dairy-free Dilly Bars, which are coconut cream-based and dipped in dairy-free chocolate. Not quite a frosty, but a nice cold treat nonetheless.

Pressed Juicery

Known for its cold-pressed juices, Pressed Juicery also offers Freeze, a soft-serve frozen treat made from fruits, vegetables, and nuts. It’s dairy-free and available in various flavors.

Restaurants that offer Dairy-Free Frosty

Dairy-Free Alternates to Wendy Frosty

Coconut Milk Ice Cream

This dairy-free ice cream is made from creamy coconut milk. It’s a delicious and refreshing option found in various flavors at most grocery stores.

Almond Milk Ice Cream

Almond milk ice cream is another popular dairy-free alternative. It’s typically lighter in texture than traditional ice cream but still offers a satisfying sweetness.


Sorbet is typically dairy-free, as it’s made from fruit and sugar. It has a light and refreshing flavor, perfect for those who prefer something less creamy.

Cashew Milk Ice Cream

Cashew milk creates a rich, creamy, dairy-free ice cream that is a great alternative to traditional ice cream. It’s becoming more readily available in stores.

Soy Milk Ice Cream

Soy milk ice cream has been a staple in the dairy-free market for many years. It’s a good protein source and comes in various flavors.

Oat Milk Ice Cream

Oat milk ice cream is a newer entrant in the dairy-free ice cream world. It offers a creamy texture and subtle oat flavor that pairs well with many mix-ins and toppings.

Banana Nice Cream

This DIY option is made by blending frozen bananas until they reach a creamy, soft-serve consistency. It’s 100% fruit and completely dairy-free.

Dairy-Free Alternates to Wendy Frosty

Tips for Buying Dairy-Free Frosty

Check Ingredients: Always check the ingredients list to ensure the product is truly dairy-free. Some products may contain traces of milk or other dairy-derived ingredients.

Look for Certifications: Products labeled with a “Certified Vegan” mark are guaranteed dairy-free.

Be Aware of Cross-Contamination: Even if a product is dairy-free, it might be produced in a facility that also processes dairy, which could be a concern for those with severe allergies.

Try Before You Buy: Many brands offer small sizes or samples. Try a few to determine which dairy-free alternative you prefer before buying a large quantity.

Check Reviews: Online reviews can give you a sense of the taste and texture of the product before you buy it.

Dairy-Free Frosting Recipe


  • 1 can (13.5 oz) full-fat coconut milk or coconut cream
  • 1/2 cup powdered sugar
  • 1 tsp pure vanilla extract


Preparation: Place the can of coconut milk or cream in the refrigerator for at least 24 hours before making the frosting. This allows the coconut cream to separate from the liquid.

Extraction: Open the chilled can of coconut milk or cream. The cream should have risen to the top, leaving the liquid (coconut water) at the bottom. Scoop out the solidified cream into a mixing bowl. You can save the remaining liquid for other uses, like a smoothie.

Mixing: Using an electric mixer, beat the coconut cream continuously for 2-3 minutes until it becomes light and fluffy.

Sweetening: Add the powdered sugar and vanilla extract to the bowl. Continue to beat the mixture on high speed for another 2-3 minutes until the ingredients are well combined, and the frosting is creamy.

Usage: Use the frosting immediately, or store it in the refrigerator until needed. It will harden in the fridge, so let it come to room temperature and beat it again before using it for best results.

Enjoy this dairy-free frosting on cakes, cupcakes, or any dessert you choose!

Wendy’s Dairy-Free Menu Options


  • Spicy/Classic Chicken Sandwich
  • Crispy Chicken Sandwich


  • Pretzel Buns
  • Premium Buns
  • Sandwich Buns


  • Breakfast Chicken Fillet
  • Crispy Chicken Patty
  • Pollock Fish Fillet
  • Sausage Patty
  • Spicy Chicken Breast/Regular Chicken Breast


  • Fruit and Veggies
  • French Fries
  • Plain Baked Potato
  • Seasoned Potatoes


  • Dill Tartar Sauce
  • Ketchup
  • Mayonnaise
  • Smoked Honey Mustard

Wendy’s Dairy-Free Menu Options

Wendy’s Vegan Menu Options


  • Homestyle Potatoes
  • Fruit Cup (not available at all locations)


  • French Fries (shared fryer)
  • Plain Baked Potato (order without cheese, butter, or sour cream)
  • Apple Bites
  • Avocado
  • Strawberries


  • Apple Pecan Chicken Salad (order without chicken, cheese, or roasted pecans)
  • Summer Strawberry Salad (order without meat, or almonds – Wendy’s almonds contain milk and honey)
  • Southwest Avocado Salad (order without cheese and meat)


  • Sweet and Sour
  • BBQ
  • Ketchup (packets only)
  • Mustard
  • Signature Salsa


  • Lemonade (all flavors)
  • Juice Box
  • Orange Juice
  • Black or Decaf coffee, Cold Brew (without Frosty-ccino)
  • Bottled Water
  • Soda
  • Iced Tea
  • Honest Kids Fruit Punch

Wendy’s Vegan Menu Options

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Wendy’s frosty vegan?

No, Wendy’s Frosty is not vegan as it contains dairy products, specifically milk, which is an animal-derived ingredient.

Is Wendy’s frosty vegetarian?

Wendy’s Frosty is generally considered vegetarian as it does not contain meat, poultry, or fish. However, it contains dairy, so it’s unsuitable for vegans or those avoiding dairy for other reasons.

Is Wendy’s frosty gluten-free?

Yes, Wendy’s Frosty is gluten-free. The basic ingredients – milk, sugar, and cocoa – do not contain gluten. However, cross-contamination could occur, so those with severe gluten allergies should exercise caution.

Is Wendy’s frosty healthy?

Wendy’s Frosty, like most ice cream-like treats, is high in sugar and calories, so it’s not typically considered a healthy food. It can be enjoyed in moderation as part of a balanced diet.

How is Wendy’s frosty different from a milkshake?

A Wendy’s Frosty is thicker than a typical milkshake. It’s served with a spoon, not a straw, and has a unique, creamy texture that falls between soft-serve ice cream and a traditional milkshake.

Are crispy onion rings dairy-free at Wendy’s?

No. They contain buttermilk, and they are not dairy-free.


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